Friday, May 15, 2009

DBT Week in Review - 5/15/09


Dexateens' new album 'Singlewide' dropped last Tuesday.

Please support this excellent band by buying a copy.

Dexateens' latest CD, 'Singlewide,' a little more country | Charlottesville Daily Progress:

"The Dexateens have been plugging along for the past decade as underground Southern garage rock phenoms. The Alabama outfit formed in the late ’90s out of a songwriting partnership between John Smith and Elliott McPherson, who met at school in Tuscaloosa.

Through four albums the five-piece band has channeled the raw soul of Muscle Shoals with the dusty literary skill to dig into the realities of the rural underbelly like step-ahead contemporaries the Drive-By Truckers. Frontman Patterson Hood of the Truckers produced the Dexateens’ 2007 disc “Hardwire Healing.”

“What we share is a desire to embrace some of those Southern cliches and then transcend them,” said Smith.

“That’s what we’ve inherited from Patterson and the Truckers. I’m not sure we have the depth in the lyrics that they do, but we share an unwillingness to wallow in rebel rock stuff.”

Next week the band will release its fifth album, “Singlewide.” The new disc seems to move the group from the garage to the front porch, as the loud three-guitar attack is toned down in exchange for stripped acoustic country rock in the vein of early Neil Young and Graham Parsons."

Patterson Hood/DBT

Patterson Hood releases second solo album | | Florence, AL


From The Desk Of David Lowery: The Glands’ Ross Shapiro:

"David Lowery has maintained a healthy career as a split musical personality. When he isn’t playing laconic country-tinged pop with his band of 25 years, Camper Van Beethoven, he’s thrashing away at his guitar as the frontman for Cracker, the rock outfit that’s releasing its 10th studio album, Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey, this week. Lowery adds another line to his resume as he guest edits all week. Read our Q&A with him."


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Blogs - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit MySpace Blog:

"We've just announced new dates with Gomez and Gov't Mule, as well as two new headline dates.

Headline Shows:
Sunday, May 31: Carbondale, IL @ PK's
Saturday, July 11: Whitesburg, KY @ Summit City

With Gomez:
Monday, June 1: New York, NY @ Terminal 5
Wednesday, June 3: Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Small's
Thursday, June 4: Covington, KY @ Madison Theatre

With Gov't Mule:
Sunday, July 26: Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre Street Stage"

Lauderdale Blogs - Lauderdale MySpace Blog:

"Friday, May 15 @ Summit City in Whitesburg, Ky.
w/ James and Dylan Leblanc and Angela Hacker

Saturday, May 16 @ The Garage in Winson-Salem, N.C.
w/ Dylan Leblanc and American Aquarium

Come on out, say hi and hang out with us"


Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament Injured in Robbery Outside Atlanta Studio : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily:

"Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament was the victim of a violent robbery outside Southern Tracks Recording studios in Atlanta, where the band is recording their ninth studio album with producer Brendan O’Brien. According to a police report, Ament and a band employee pulled up to the rear of the studio on the afternoon of April 27th when three assailants brandishing knives emerged from the woods wearing black masks, gloves and pants. The robbers smashed the windows of a rented Jeep and grabbed a BlackBerry before demanding more money. In total, Ament was robbed of $3,000 in cash and $4,320 worth of goods."

Dawn Teo: Obama, the NRA, and Alice Cooper:

"Alice Cooper will be opening for Barack Obama before the ceremony begins. Cooper will warm up the crowd of nearly 65,000 graduates and guests by performing 'School's Out' with his son Dash. 'Of all the people I've ever shared a stage with, Obama is the biggest rock star,' says Cooper, adding wryly, 'and I'd like to thank him, in advance, for changing the national anthem to 'School's Out'.'"

Stephen Bruton, 60; Texas musician played with Kris Kristofferson, T Bone Burnett - Los Angeles Times


Trey Anastasio, Phish Frontman, Tells Addiction Story On Capitol Hill, Lobbies For Drug Courts


The next Bill Graham turns out to be a Bernie instead.

Investors say promoter owes them $2 million:

"Martin 'is the Bernie Madoff of the music promotion world,' says Robert Vickers, who performs as the lounge-lizard comedian Bud E. Luv. Vickers claims Martin wrote him $5,000 in bad checks and failed to repay $500,000 allegedly borrowed from one of the comedian's friends."

I continue reviewing my Dag obsessions from the 90s. I really should do a separate post on Dag sometime soon.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning Dag. I live in Raleigh, NC (where they are from) and they were without a doubt one of the better bands to come out of a pretty hot music scene at that time. Interestingly, they grew out of a cover bamd named Mr. Potatoe Head who got back together for a few gigs three or four years ago. They were the funkiest cover band going. I asked them if they could play a few Dag songs and the bassist and singer (can't remember his name) seemed a little shocked that I recognized them then played a few bars but admitted that he had forgotten everything as he hadn't played it in so long. Anyway, i still turn people on to them - awesome band!

Kent in NC