Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mustard Gas

When I read of the 2 Trillion cost reduction Corporate health care 'pledged' my first reaction was 'horse-shit'.

Then I caught this response to a blog post, which makes a bit of sense.

Still, I'm wary of any corporate 'pledge'. I'd feel much more comfortable with some 'laws' that force these fuckers to do things. Goddamn socialist, I am.

Healthcare Industry Offers to Shave $2 Trillion in Projected Increases | Crooks and Liars:

"Actually, what they are talking about is eliminating administrative costs. Like, you wouldn't need a referral for an MRI. If your doctor says you need it, then you just go get it. We don't need 5 forms and 10 employees to put up barriers there. However, the industry is just trying to cooperate so that they can stop the momentum of the public health insurance plan. The good news is that the WH is saying, 'That's nice, but we still want the public health insurance plan, too because the only way that you are going to keep your promise to do this stuff is if there is a government plan that is doing it, and people can choose it over you if screw up.'

So, it's always scary when industry has access to power. But another way to look at it is that usually these deals are made behind closed doors, and they are being forced to keep it public because frankly, nobody in DC likes them very much right now. Their access is not as good as it used to be."

Amazing how many on both sides fucked this one up.

Unfettered free market is teh awsum!

Glass-Steagall Act: The Senators And Economists Who Got It Right:

"The legislation was the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act (alternatively known as Gramm Leach Bliley), which allowed banks to merge with insurance companies and investment houses. And Dorgan was, at the time, on a proverbial island with his concerns. Only eight senators would vote against the measure -- lionized by its proponents, including senior staff in the Clinton administration and many now staffing President Obama, as the most important breakthrough in the worlds of finance and politics in decades."

Funny what some consider 'dreamy'.... especially Republicans.

Tennessee state senator calls guns in bars a ‘dreamy scenario’:

"Ordering a shot in a Tennessee bar may never be the same again.

The Tennessee House has passed a bill that would allow guns to be carried in bars where alcohol is served. Law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry guns in bars, Tennessee State Senator Doug Jackson told Fox’s Brian Kilmeade on Monday, calling armed drunks in bars a “dreamy scenario.”"

This one has already lived its short news life cycle, but, still, hilarious how predictable the D.C. villagers are.

Grey Poupon is made by Kraft here in the U.S. Damn fake French condiment!

'Would you like some Freedom Fries to go with your froggy-ass mustard"?

Obama Mustard Attack Becomes Full-Blown Right-Wing Talking Point



Lurleen McQueen said...

A wise friend once wrote...meanwhile the whole world suffers from hunger and meanness
but we’re more concerned with the President’s [Poupon]

AAW said...

Wise man indeed, Lurleen.

John Kennedy's mustard, was seen everywhere!