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DBT Week in Review - 6/12/09

Muscle Shoals Sound

RIP Barry Beckett. Thank you for all you did.

Swamper Barry Beckett dies at 66 | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"Barry Beckett, keyboard player and founding member of the famed Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, died during the night at his home in Hendersonville, Tenn.

Known affectionately as “The Swampers,” Beckett, along with guitarist Jimmy Johnson, bassist David Hood and drummer Roger Hawkins, performed with a variety of artists including Bob Seger, The Staple Singers and Paul Simon.

He was 66-years-old, said his close friend and former assistant, Dick Cooper. He had suffered from several ailments."

Patterson Hood/DBT

Booker T & the DBTs set from Bonnaroo this weekend will be broadcasted at AT&T Blueroom on Sunday June 14th at 3:30pm. If you cant make it to Bonnaroo this year be sure to check out their performance via the AT&T Blueroom


New blog post from Patterson with new DBT tour dates! Also, don't forget to pre-order Murdering Oscar!

Patterson Hood:

"NEW DBT TOURDATES just announced (more coming soon!):
Thu Jul 23 - Florence, AL - SHOALS THEATRE
Fri Jul 24 - Florence, AL - SHOALS THEATRE
Thu Aug 13 - Sun Valley, ID - ELKHORN SPRINGS RESORT
Thu Aug 20 - Macon, GA - COX CAPITAL THEATRE
Fri Aug 21 - Myrtle Beach, SC - HOUSE OF BLUES"

Patterson Hood - Murdering Oscar [Album Review] — HearYa - Indie Music Blog:

"Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers is set to release his sophomore solo album called Murdering Oscar on June23rd. Killers and Stars, his solo debut, was an acoustic album that sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom. The lo-fi treatment served the album well. It’s a depressing affair that was recorded at a time when Patterson was going through some tough shit. I was expecting similar slow, acoustic sounds on Murdering Oscar, but that is not what greeted me when I pressed play.

Big, ominous guitar riffs roll in like thunderheads when the title track opens things up. You immediately feel the song’s intensity before a grizzled word is uttered from Patterson’s southern jowls. Then the tale of kill or be killed begins to unfold: “I killed Oscar/Shot him in the head/Put the gun in his mouth/ Watched his brains fly out.” Um, okay. Let me start that song over knowing what I know now. And proceed."

Spin gives Murdering 3 1/2 stars. They kinda phoned in the review, though, as they only address one song and try to apply it to the entire album.

And they used the term 'Southern Rock'. Minus 25 points for that one.

Lots of 'light' on Murdering, in my opinion. It's hard to listen to a more joyful song than 'I Understand Now' (One of my favorite Patterson songs of all time).

Lazy Spin.

Patterson Hood, 'Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs)' (Ruth St.) | Spin Magazine Online:

"Although most of the songs on Patterson Hood's second solo album predate the existence of Drive-By Truckers, they'd easily fit on any of his band's records -- same low-life characters, busted dreams, and black humor, rendered in solidly gothic Southern rock. The body count starts on the title track, with Hood sounding both regretful and turned on as he howls, 'I killed Oscar and I forgave me.' Then he attempts to claim self-defense. Hood's unreliable narrator is always lookin' for forgiveness in all the wrong places, even if he's the only one listening to his confession."

Congrats to Creigh who beat Terry Mcs sorry ass and who, turns out, is a fan of the Drive-By Truckers.

Thanks to Wes Freed for the tip on this one.

Creigh Deeds wins Virginia primary - War Room -

"Deeds did seem a little stunned when he spoke to supporters in Charlottesville. 'No one could have imagined what we've accomplished here in the commonwealth of Virginia tonight,' he said. And though the music playing as he walked onstage was Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing,' Deeds actually spent a fair amount of time on his Twitter feed talking about what other tunes he was listening to, throughout the campaign. A scroll through the feed shows his favorites — Drive by Truckers, Gram Parsons, Neil Young, Cat Power and others — popping up more often than anything having to do with politics. If aides don't wrest control of his account away from him to use the feed for more conventional messaging, it should be fun to read throughout the fall."

'Daddy Learned to Fly' from the upcoming, new DBT album out in 2010.

If this don't get the nips taunt for the new, new record (3 DBT/Patterson albums are coming out before the new, new one) then you ain't suckin' in air right.

It's certainly great to be alive in TruckerLand these days.


A band from Spain covering 'Where the Devil Don't Stay'

And then they go and cover Marah.

Spaniards: Great taste in pork and music:


Will Johnson/Centro-Matic

I missed this blog written by Will Johnson on the death of Jay Bennett.

Wonderful read.

RIP, again, Jay.

Jay Walter Bennett:

"Jay, Edward, Paul, Scott and I all got together for our first rehearsal in Jay’s Arlington Heights basement on Sunday, June 23, 2002. Some of us were just meeting for the first time, and others of us had long running friendships. The syrupy Chicago summer afternoons had well arrived, and we only had a couple of days to get ready for the first trek in support of “The Palace at 4am”. The room was a sweatbox, a mesmirizing musical laboratory of guitars, keyboards, amplifiers and curiosities."


Dexateens take 'Singlewide' on the road | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"When the Dexateens perform live, the Tuscaloosa-based rockers want the occasion to be special."

Music News

George Jones song added to national registry | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL

"'I have a dream.' 'One small step for man …' 'This Land is Your Land.' And now, 'He Stopped Loving Her Today.'

Country singer George Jones will have a song immortalized alongside the words from Martin Luther King Jr., Neil Armstrong and Woody Guthrie."

Krist Novoselic For Office: Nirvana Bassist Running For County Clerk:

"CATHLAMET, Wash. — Nirvana's former bassist is running for clerk of a rural county to protest Washington state's method of letting candidates name their own party affiliation."

Fuck, we be gettin' old.

Prince: So Hip He Needs Two New Ones | The Hollywood Reporter: SHOWBIZ 411


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