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DBT Week in Review - 7/10/09

Patterson Hood/DBT

Pics from the Screwtopians San Francisco show will be posted early next week.


FADER TV: Open Bar With Patterson Hood � The FADER:

"Drive By Trucker’s Patterson Hood stopped in at Heathers Bar on the day after the release of his latest album, Murdering Oscar. We consumed a few beers, kept the doors open, and tried to pay him the same Southern hospitality that he is probably used to. Patterson graced us with a ridiculously sweet song called “Grandaddy” that he wrote for his daughter."

Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs):

"This long-in-coming sophomore set from the prolific Drive-By Truckers frontman hopscotches across time in a way that would make J.J. Abrams happy."

Patterson Hood talks tunes --

"Nestled in the Taste of Chicago's musical lineup, tucked behind an acronym, is the great Southern roots-rock band the Drive-By Truckers and their gravel-voiced leader Patterson Hood. But on Taste programs, you'll find them listed as the 'DBTs,' backing Booker T., the legendary soul performer. That said, nestled within that show is another story -- Hood just released a solo disc, 'Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs),' which grew out of songs he wrote 15 years ago, when he was a bohemian from Alabama."

'Freebird' ultimately unforgettable --

"Patterson Hood, leader of Southern rock band Drive-By Truckers -- which released a 2-CD exploration of Skynyrd's legacy, 'Southern Rock Opera' -- said he grew up in a small town in Alabama in the 1970s and that song was 'deadly serious, and still is. But I feel like I could write you a dissertation in defense of it as being one of the most underrated songs in rock history and I could write about its utter banality, and in both papers I would be sincere. To be truthful, it didn't even occur to me there might be irony in 'Freebird' until I moved from my small town to a city.'"

Drive-By Truckers | Southern Rock Bands |


� 06-03-2009 – Drive By Truckers at MoemoePhoto - Concert Photography


Will Johnson

Will Johnson at Salt Creek Country Screening:

"July 25 – Oakford, IL
Hill Prairie Winery

Will Johnson and Thamus Rhounds will be performing songs in a unique and remote environment. This will be a multi-media event including a screening of the final cut of “Salt Creek County”. Many of the cast and crew will be on hand. Activities begin around 7pm. $10.00 suggested donation.

Further information, directions, etc. here:"


United Breaks Guitars | Video Cafe:

"A heart-wrenching tale for any musician or anyone who loves guitars. What happens when an airline company destroys your instrument and won't own up to their own negligence? You write a song (or 3) and post them on YouTube where they go viral of course."

Casey Kasem Counts Down Final Radio Show After 39 Years:

"LOS ANGELES — Casey Kasem has done his final countdown.

The 77-year-old DJ told 'American Top 20' listeners across the country Saturday that the program would be his last."

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