Thursday, July 16, 2009

I say, I say, boy......

Riiiiight, Foghorn Beauregard Sessions. Right.

Far Superior... just like the white race, eh, Sessions?


Wingnut welfare.

As one who works in higher ed, this is beyond the pale.

Texas Tech Administrators Brush Aside Outcry Over Gonzales Hiring, Defend $100,000 Salary:
"” Texas Tech alumni and high school government teacher David Ring said that making $100,000 “to teach one section of no more than 15 students…doesn’t seem like a fare shake to those professors at the school who, I don’t know, haven’t perjured themselves in front of the U.S. Congress.”"

If you haven't seek Sicko, you should.

Video: Insurance lobby’s secret plan to attack ‘Sicko’ and Michael Moore

We've just been informed that Bill Moyers, on his show tonight, will expose for the first time the health insurance industry's secret campaign against Michael Moore and his film, "Sicko." It contains a stunning revelation and admission by a top health insurance executive -- the former head of publicity for CIGNA, one of the top health insurance companies in the country -- that the disinformation and attacks on Michael and the film were extensive and well-planned. Their job was to stop the movie from reaching a wide audience (and, more importantly, from having the widespread political impact the industry feared "Sicko" would have).

Wendell Potter, former Head of Corporate Communications at CIGNA (which provides health insurance to nearly 70 percent of the Fortune 100 companies) admits that, in fact, "Sicko" "hit the nail on the head" and told the real truth about how much better people in other countries have it when it comes to their health care.


Thank you Sen. Coburn. That's another 3-5 points of Hispanic support coming the Dems way.

Maybe you and Beauregard can show up in black face tomorrow.

GOP Sen. Coburn to Sotomayor: "You Have Lots of 'Splainin To Do" (Video) | Mother Jones


People are always thinking up cool shit in the Bay Area. One of the main reasons I love it so.

Designers answer call to fight rising seas:

"Once they would have been the stuff of science fiction: shimmering levees of water that shield cities, or laser beams slicing across water through the night.

In fact, these are two of six winners announced Tuesday in a design competition that responds to a real-life threat - scientific projections that in the century to come, the sea level of San Francisco Bay could climb 55 inches beyond today's high tide."

Now all we need is the technology to reach said planets.

Speed it the hell up. I wanna go in space before I die.

"Space Internet" to Link Worlds by 2011?


Me in 15 years.

Porn-Blaring Man To Take Anger Management Classes:

"PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. — A suburban Philadelphia man has agreed to take anger management classes for blaring a pornographic soundtrack to chase away kids playing outside his home. Michael Buck was arrested May 31 at his upscale Phoenixville cul-de-sac after irate neighbors told police they could hear the sexually explicit audio a block-and-a-half away."

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