Friday, August 28, 2009

DBT Week in Review - 8/28/09

Lorenzo Wolff: There Ain't Much to Country Livin':

"A few years ago I heard about a band that was doing a kind of updated country-rock thing and went to seem them play Irving Plaza. They played for about an hour and half, dazzling what otherwise would have been a jaded New York crowd with their proud, aggressive songs and the brutal realism of their lyrics. After the last chord was struck and the world started spinning again, I went over to their merch booth to pick up as many of their records as I could fit in my pockets."

Patterson Hood - Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs) Review | Scathing Reviews for Bitchy People


The Hold Steady & Drive-By Truckers - videos from last November | Breakfast On Tour


Drivin' N' Cryin' discuss DBT's influence on a song from their upcoming album Great American Bubble Factory:


Byron Wilkes is Dead and I Don't Feel So Good Myself


Wes Freed

Wes has been posting some sweet new work on Willard's Garage. Check it out:

Willard's Garage


Will Johnson

Centro-Matic's Pence, Johnson Share Art at Good Records | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth:

"Baseball through the eyes of Centro-matic singer/guitarist Will Johnson looks like that. On panels of wood, he paints portraits of the men who've served the beloved sport with their life stories, such as Willie Mays and Cool Papa Bell. Johnson frames their faces with words, sometimes words the players famously said and sometimes Johnson's own wide-eyed biographies of the figures.

The night before they set out to record Centro-matic's next record, Johnson and drummer Matt Pence, who's a photographer, will share their work Sunday from 7 t"


Shameless self promotion - Lauderdale's MySpace Blog |:

A couple of us from the band have started blogs so that we can share our photos, stories and whatnot. We're always taking photos on the road and elsewhere. If you're interested in seeing what's going on inside and outside of the band check them out.



word is bond,

Muscle Shoals Sound

Former George Jones songwriter left fame behind | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"Welcome to Hobbyland, Montgomery's Sheffield store - a pack rat's nirvana.

But there is a history behind the guy selling those aged prom dresses and greeting cards.

He's penned more than 70 songs for country legend George Jones."


Dylan all over the news lately:

Bob Dylan to become the voice of your satnav? - Telegraph:
"Bob Dylan, the singer-songwriter who has taken his fans down Highway 61 by way of Lonely Avenue and Desolation Row, is in negotiations to voice a satellite navigation system.

Bob Dylan’s Holiday LP “Christmas in the Heart” Due October 13th : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily:

"Bob Dylan has made his latest unpredictable career move: Rolling Stone has learned that Bob Dylan will release a Christmas album October 13th. Entitled Christmas in the Heart, the collection will feature holiday standards including “Must Be Santa,” “Little Drummer Boy,” “Winter Wonderland” and “Here Comes Santa Claus.” All U.S. royalties from the collection will benefit the charity Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Other proceeds from the disc will benefit hunger relief organizations around the world. Get a first look at the album art here."

Bob Dylan Stopped By Cops, Asked For ID In New Jersey Shore Town:

"A 24-year-old police officer apparently was unaware of who Dylan is and asked him for identification, Long Branch business administrator Howard Woolley said Friday.

'I don't think she was familiar with his entire body of work,' Woolley said."

Rapper behind 'Roxanne's Revenge' gets Warner Music to pay for Ph.D:
"But Shante, then 19, remembered a clause in her Warner Music recording contract: The company would fund her education for life.

She eventually cashed in, earning a Ph.D. in psychology from Cornell to the tune of $217,000 - all covered by the label. But getting Warner Music to cough up the dough was a battle.

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