Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gum Job

Some dirty fucking hippie actor writing sense.

Donald Sutherland: Stand Up, Max Baucus:

"It must finally be clear to us all that the stumbling block to successful health/disease care reform has been definitively reduced to two words. They're not 'public option' or 'single payer', they're 'Max Baucus'.

He was not elected to eliminate the Democratic Majority in the Finance Committee, but that's what he's done. It was not mandated that he exclude a representative expert on single payer from his 15-person advisory board but that's what he did. More than that, he's filled his campaign coffers with millions of dollars of Insurance Company money, for heaven's sake. Fine that he sits there holding the president's suit coat at that town hall meeting, great that he gets identified by the president a bunch of times. Great, because now we can all have a good look at who he is, sitting there squirming in the spotlight."

It ain't all like the shitty traditional media is painting it to be.

Anecdotal, but a good read.

Daily Kos: A Small-town Texas Town Hall:

"A brief round of applause interrupted him, after which he continued, 'As far as peace goes, it seems to me that we ought to be defending ourselves when we’re attacked, not when there’s something we want out of somebody. As for justice, I’d sure as Hell like to see justice brought down on those people who’ve tried their best to ruin this country. I think any person that’s been shown to break the law, whether it’s a banker or a politician, they ought to be prosecuted and brought to justice.'"

Damn Commies!

I want to be a commie, too.

Europe versus America: Do Longer Holidays Translate to Greater Productivity? - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

For all their extra vacation days as compared with the US, workers in the EU are keeping pace -- or better -- in terms of productivity.

Much of Europe closes up shop in August. From steelworkers in Spain to technology consultants in Germany, the European Union's workers head for the coast or other vacation hot spots, forgoing the sweltering heat of Europe's cities for some rest and relaxation.

Europeans on average pocket almost 10 more vacation days than their US counterparts. That's the findings from research by consultants at Mercer, which analyzed the minimum number of vacation days that companies across Europe must provide to staff with 10 years' service, as well as the number of national holidays in each country.

The study reveals the average time off in European Union countries is now 34.4 days, compared with just 25 in the US. Overall, employees in Lithuania are entitled to the greatest amount of paid leave, with 41 holidays per year. France and Finland come a close second, with 40.

"In Europe, time off is enshrined in government legislation, so employers are forced to hire more staff to cover the gaps," says Matthew Hunt, a principal in Mercer's international team. "The US takes a different view; there's a focus on maintaining productivity."


Drive-By Truckers:

"I never knew how it all got started
a problem with Holland before we were born
and I don’t know the name of that boy we tied down
and beat till he just couldn’t walk anymore.
But I know the caliber in Daddy’s chest
and I know what Holland Hill drives.
The state let him go, but I guess it was best
cause nobody needs all us Lawsons alive."

Reported riot in Marion, Ala., brought under control; 5 arrested - Breaking News from the Press-Register - al.com:

"State Trooper John Reese said children of the 2 feuding families began arguing at the high school this morning and shotguns were found in their cars."

I'm just surprised that a woman from South Carolina had 13 teeth in her mouth to pull.


Woman awarded $2M after dentist pulls 16 teeth:

"A South Carolina woman has won a $2 million jury verdict against a dental clinic that mistakenly pulled 13 teeth. The State reported that 28-year-old Elizabeth Smith wanted three teeth pulled when she went to the Sexton Dental Clinic in Florence in 2006. Her lawsuit said a dentist at the clinic pulled all 16 of her upper teeth."

Bring it. I'm ready for science fiction to become science reality regardless of the hell it could potentially release.

Life to order: Man-made organisms will be here in four months, say biologists | Mail Online:

"Artificial life will be made to order in the laboratory within four months, a controversial biologist has claimed.

U.S genome expert Craig Venter, said his team have overcome a vital obstacle in the development of new man-made organisms.

The scientist, named as one of the most influential people in the world, said the first 'synthetic species' could be created this year."

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