Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heat Packing Kabuki

Admittedly, I've been a bit concerned over recent reports of the demise of the Public Option. My concern is my own fault by paying even half attention to the steady stream of horse-shit the media spits out.

And, I agree with below that much of what we are seeing is political kabuki. The final health bill does not exist. When it does, at that time I'll determine whether to raise hell to defeat or fight like hell to ensure its passage.

But, I'm very glad to see the good guys stepping up and pressuring the sucky Dems, especially Rahm and Messina's Blue Dog loving asses.

The Progressive caucus in the House holds the keys. Hopefully they'll maintain their sack and follow through.

Campaign Silo � 60 Members of Congress Say “No Public Plan, No Conference”:

"It's pretty clear that they're not down with the kabuki play, and are serious about conference. Well played, progressives.

Only an arrogant nitwit would believe they could negotiate a deal that gave health care away to the pharmaceutical industry, the doctors, the hospitals and the insurance companies, tie everyone's hands and keep the government from being able to negotiate costs for the next decade and then jam it on progressives to sell in their districts at the end the end of the process.

How you doin' today, Rahm?"

Amen, Digby. We need to weed a bunch of the mofos out regardless.


"To hell with Rahm and his appease the Blue Dogs at all costs strategy. What good is it if the president fails in 2012? If Cook is right and the Dems maintain their majority while losing a bunch of these reactionary wingnuts, I couldn't be happier. And the Democrat should be happy too because it means they can pass successful legislation for a change."

Kudos Kos.

Daily Kos: Midday open thread

I wonder if the White House truly understands the depth of anger they'll face from the progressive side if they fail to pass health care reform with a strong public option. We haven't busted our asses the last four years to pass bank bailouts and give insurance companies everything they ever wanted. If we wanted that, we'd be Republicans.

This is the Democrats' key issue. If they can't do the right thing here, there will be little choice left for us than to continue our efforts to rid ourselves of the corporatist hacks that infest our party. No one ever said this was going to be quick and easy. This week, we're polling the public option in Montana, Nebraska, and Tennessee's 6th congressional district. We want to know of Sen. Baucus, Sen. Nelson, and Blue Dog queen bee Jim Cooper are actually representing their constituents on the issue, or doing their best to keep their insurance company benefactors happy. Results are due Thursday or Friday, and let the chips fall where they might.


Feisty. Me likey.

I pledge to DESTROY the Blue Dogs & ConservaDems over this sh!t


This, though, eases the pain greatly. If Dean is right and Obama pulls this off, there will be no badder mother effer on the planet.

And, yes, my politics can get micro and geeky.

Howard Dean schools Morning Joe on public option strategy (UPDATED w/ videos & action item):
"JOE: Let me explain to people what you're saying. The House is going to pass a version with a public option. The senate will pass a version without a public option. You get past the 60 votes. You go to reconciliation, you put the public option back in. And then you vote it on it and you only need 50 votes. And you get a public option.


JOE: Is that what you're saying?

DEAN: Basically, yes."

But what the fuck is this all about. Seriously.

We lived with 'TERRORISM" 24-7 for 7 years. And screams of 'UNAMERICAN' during the same duration if your farts sounded a bit too liberal.

But this is OK? La-dee-dah?!? Just expressing their Constitutional rights?!?

Fucking-A. What a world we live in.

Twelve Carry Guns -- Including Assault Rifle -- Outside Obama Event | LiveWire:

"About 12 people were carrying guns, including at least one semi-automatic assault rifle, outside a building where President Obama was speaking today."

What Josh says:

Some Things Never Change | TPM:

"By Josh Marshall

I remember when Dems started bringing guns to all those Social Security phase-out events back in '05. Heady Days."

And just because this makes me laugh for some reason:


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