Monday, September 28, 2009


Seriously. Bunch of damn pussies.

It's time for Obama to take off the kid gloves --

"The president's coolness in the face of the right wing's relentlessly anti-intellectual assault on his policies has been impressive as a display of character. But it also has enabled his opponents to subvert his program and erode his popularity.

He hasn't been helped by the feckless performance of the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They've behaved like they think the public buys into such Republican talking points on healthcare as the 'death panel' and 'socialized medicine' claims -- all discredited fantasies.

By failing to take a strong line, the Democrats allowed the GOP to dominate the healthcare debate all summer. Senate Majority Leader Reid wasted weeks trying to enlist the GOP in a compromise, despite clear signs that Republican leaders were only interested in sabotaging reform. Obama didn't really take the reins of the debate until his address to Congress on Sept. 9.

Consequently, reform that Congress might have passed by Labor Day may not happen for months. Reid still isn't guaranteeing that healthcare reform will pass this year, saying only that there's 'a very good chance' it will happen. Is this how a leader with a commanding majority should talk?"

Only a Southerner could pull this off.

Blackwashing: Stephen Colbert Goes There. . .


The Post is lying out of its ass. The drops were due to the grassroots (small donors) extremely turned off by the unchanginess of the Obama administration. I've given directly to a couple of candidates, but the DNC, DCCC, DSCC, Obama, won't see a dime from me until they start acting like progressives.

Democrats Jarred By Drop In Campaign Donations:

"The Washington Post reports that harsh rhetoric about big business is costing Democrats campaign funds.

The Post reports that the majority of the fundraising declines were due to wealthy donors holding back."

It is a bitch when one is required to actually deal with the horseshit laws one's party crammed down the U.S.'s throat during the Bush Wonder Years.

Poor, poor baby.

TSA, GOP Rep. square off in airport over body scanners | Raw Story:

"A Republican congressman who recently had an unpleasant run-in with the Transportation Security Administration in a Utah airport is denying allegations that he acted out over being ushered into a line for a full body scanning machine.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), a longtime opponent of the security technology witch effectively performs a strip search on its subjects, told a Salt Lake City NBC affiliate that a TSA agent claimed to know “exactly” who he is, causing the congressman to wonder if the whole incident was direct harassment.

He added that while the body scanner is optional, agents tried to force him through it.

“They did not make it optional; and when I told them I didn’t want to do it, they started treating me as though I was some sort of criminal or something, giving me the third degree,” he told KSL NBC 5."

Uh.... I call titty bleeding an emergency. But, hey, I'm not medical insurer, so what do I know.

CA Insurer: Woman's Bleeding Breast Not Emergency -

"Why? Documents from Blue Shield indicate the company had reviewed the case and determined Miran-Ramirez 'reasonably should have known that an emergency did not exist.'

'I am like how can they say that it was not an emergency? Like, my breast was bleeding! I am not a clinical person but if your breast is bleeding, for me that's an emergency,' she said."

Hurry up with the real space travel already. I'm ready to jump off this rock and check out what else is out there.

Water detected on the Moon


This should help you pass some time today.

There, I Fixed It: Epic Kludges Jury Rigs


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