Friday, September 18, 2009

DBT Week in Review - 9/18/09

Tommy takes first position today. Read it:

Tommy Womack:
"I’m sick of playing benefits.

We shouldn’t have to."



Aquarium Drunkard: Music Blog � Jim Carroll :: August 1, 1950 — September 11, 2009:

"The Drive-by Truckers have long made “People Who Died” a staple of their live shows. If you go back to 1999’s sadly out-of-print Alabama Ass Whuppin’, the early line-up of the band tears through the song with abandon. Muddling the verse order, and shuffling and adjusting lyrics as he goes, Patterson Hood’s delivery of the song is a howling maelstrom of grief. There are times where his vocals become muttered and incoherent, others where the pain is howled into the Plutonian shore. Imagining the narrator now in the small towns of the deep South, where friends are people you’ve known since you were born, not just the guy you met hustling on the street the other week, the deaths rack up in a much more serious way. As friends drop left and right, everything that seemed true is revealed in the harsh light of reality. The guitars, thick and raspy, convey something much more guttural and deeply troubling than the skittish chug of Carroll’s original. You can only take so much pain in a lifetime. Sometimes, it just can’t hurt any less. words/ j. neas"

Drive-By Truckers - Stereo Subversion

: "SSv: What kind of details can you give us about the new Drive-By record?

Patterson Hood: It’s a big rock record. A big, big rock record. It’s epic. I think it’ll be out in February and I think it’ll be a good one."

Best Albums Of 2000’s and Best Albums Of The Decade

Drivin' N' Cryin'

I've had the pleasure of rocking out to this record for the past couple of weeks. Stellar work and worthy to add to your collection.

Stream Drivin' N' Cryin's first new album in 12 years: It's an EW exclusive! |

ATLANTA, GA - Drivin' N' Cryin' will put out their first record in twelve years. Great American Bubble Factory will be released on September 29, 2009 on Vintage Earth Music with marketing and distribution provided by Thirty Tigers/RED. "This record is the perfect crescendo to a long twenty-plus year career of the band. I think we've found the true essence of what we started to build back in 1985," says Kevn Kinney.
Drivin' N' Cryin' originally started recording demos for this album on September 10, 2001. After 9/11 the band abandoned the sessions after deciding the time wasn't right for their stories of blue-collar optimism. They returned to Sonica Studios in Atlanta earlier this year where the band produced the album in collaboration with Anton Fier, who produced their 1987 album Whisper Tames the Lion and James Barber, their ex-manager-turned-producer.

This record moves from the "Midwestern Blues" to the Flannery O'Connor South of "This Town" to the industrial grind of "Detroit City" to the optimistic anthem (and Dictators cover) "I Stand Tall" to the genuine pining for home in "I See Georgia."

The current DNC line up is: Kevn Kinney (guitar & vocals), Tim Nielsen (bass, mandolin & backing vocals), Mac Carter (guitar), Dave V. Johnson (drums, percussion & backing vocals). The band will be on tour throughout the fall, tour dates will be announced soon.


Counting the Scars:

"We are honored to share footage of Rockestra performing “Counting the Scars” at their Good Records performance in Dallas on Aug. 30th. Rockestra is a Rock n Roll Youth Orchestra that contains vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keys, synths, strings, horns, etc ages 12-17. Here’s a hearty salute to them and their lovely version of this song."



The top 40 bands you should see at ACL before dark - No. 36 Dexateens:

"I attempt to avoid comparisons to other bands, especially when it shows my age, but I have heard others compare Dexateens to bands like Son Volt, or others of the same strain. But I think it is more apropos to say many of us are just now catching on to Dexateens’ sound that is 110% their own making."


two-bit wonders:

"The following series of photographs are from the first weekend in August. Lauderdale and Shotgun Lover shared bills at Speakeasy and the Alabama Music Box. We always have a blast playing shows and acting like pirates with those guys. I saw them last Friday night here at home with Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil. It was a good show and a great reminder of my intentions to post these photos. This club circuit that we're on most weekends seems as if it's becoming the world's largest, most dysfunctional family. We're a handful of hard-working bands from all over the place who are perpetually crossing paths and closing down bars."


Emmitt-Nershi Band

BOULDER,CO- The Emmitt-Nershi Band will release New Country Blues on September 29, 2009 on SCI Fidelity Records. Prior to the release of the album, a free download of the title track, New Country Blues will be available online. The bands website,, also features information on contests and ordering the new album. Fans have a chance to win an autographed guitar, as well as autographed albums.

Throughout the new album, Drew Emmitt and Bill Nershi exemplify the forward-thinking modern bluegrass musician. As linchpins of two legendary jam-bands --Drew with Leftover Salmon, Bill with the String Cheese Incident--both men have traveled the world and played in front of hundreds of thousands of people. The Emmitt-Nershi Band is rounded out with Andy Thorn on banjo and Tyler Grant on bass and guitar.

The title track is available for free download at the link below:


Miller, Fogerty honored at Americana Music Awards -

"Justin Townes Earle won new artist of the year,"

Shoals Internet music program moves across the river | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL


15th Street Dinah:

"15th Street Dinah is a blog primarily about music coming to and coming from the Tuscaloosa, AL area. From time to time, we might veer off course...but for the most part, that's our thing.

We're named in honor of the great Dinah Washington, Tuscaloosa native and 'Queen of the Blues'."


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Jason. Thanks for the posting of "Counting the Scars" by the youngsters. Very, very moving.

(see you in a few weeks)

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Good stuff, agreed, Hank. Centro/Will J. should someday do an entire show back by a city orchestra. It would be amazing.