Friday, September 11, 2009

Morans with Signs of Descent

Cupboards are bare. Not enough content for a DBT WIR today, so I'm tossing together a few odds and ends to get us to the weekend.

Eight years ago today... I had just finished one of the wildest cab rides from downtown San Francisco back to my crib by the ocean that I'd ever experienced. Not sure who was freaked out more. Me, or my Iraqi cab driver. Stop signs were only suggestions that day.

The rest of the day was spent on a roof consuming large quantities of vodka while my roommate frantically tried to get in touch with friends and family in NYC. The crystal blue sky which was normally filled with planes landing at SFO, OAK and SJ was all but empty apart from the military helicopters swarming the Golden Gate Bridge.

Thank god we caught bin Laden.... oh, wait.


First, ROLL TIDE! Thunda! Na-na-na naaa na nu-na-na.


Morans fer sure.

ontd_political: Morans with signs of descent


Pay attention, Lindsey or your Republican brethren will give you a swirly in the Senate potty.

Sen. Graham's Pseudo-Clap | TPMTV


My buddy just moved to D.C. I asked him how the flavor was in his neighborhood. He sent this in response. Hilarious.



C.P. said...

no mention of Patterson's new baby?

C.P. said...

And I didn't scroll down far enough. Cheers!