Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Of the Freed, By the Freed, and For the Freed

Rare Chance to Own a Wes Freed - DBT Original Poster

These watercolor/mixed media originals of DBT posters are all around 14''x 18'' , including the vintage 1948 2''x4'' frame.

Best act quickly because these should be snatched up PDQ.Willard's Garage: DBT poster art originals , for sale


Best line from yesterday's Web:

Ant: Taylor Swift got joewilsoned!



Stoopid Government! Keeping us civilized.

Daily Kos: "Get the government out of my life!":

"Let's return to 1,100ad, when tribal warlords called all the shots, and everyone else just starved, or died of illness or injury. When there were no government rules and regulations for safety of the food supply, no attempts to maintain a society of laws and justice, and no public services to take your taxes and 'waste them' by government organizing and operating the most complex factors in society to create a safe and healthy environment. (Oh, wait!! You think you'll be one of the warlords, don't you? Sucker...)"

It is deafening.

Lincoln Mitchell: The Silence of the Republicans:

"A clear line can be drawn from the red-baiting and Muslim-baiting of Obama during the campaign, to the birther movement, to shouting down Democratic members of Congress at town hall meetings to the accusation that the President of the United States was a Nazi because he sought to expand health care to a greater number of Americans to Joe Wilson's behavior last week. Parenthetically, it should be noted that other American presidents who have sought to expand health care coverage to more Americans include Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, two presidents whose anti-Nazi credentials are reasonably strong.

The Republicans, to their credit, have done a remarkable job of lowering the bar for what passes as acceptable political dialog in recent months. It is hard to believe that only a few months ago people were outraged that Rush Limbaugh, the blowhard in chief of the right wing of the Republican Party, suggested that he wanted to see President Obama fail. After what we have seen the last few months, Limbaugh's comments seem positively bipartisan in nature."


Physician Views on the Public Health Insurance Option and Medicare Expansions - RWJF:

"In every region of the country, a majority of physicians supported a combination of public and private options, as did physicians who identified themselves as primary care providers, surgeons, or other medical subspecialists. Among those who identified themselves as members of the American Medical Association, 62.2 percent favored both the public and private options."

Nice. Those are some fuck up family values conservative sport.

When Getting Beaten By Your Husband Is A Pre-Existing Condition:

"Under the cold logic of the insurance industry, it makes perfect sense: If you are in a marriage with someone who has beaten you in the past, you're more likely to get beaten again than the average person and are therefore more expensive to insure.

In human terms, it's a second punishment for a victim of domestic violence.

In 2006, Democrats tried to end the practice. An amendment introduced by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), now a member of leadership, split the Health Education Labor & Pensions Committee 10-10. The tie meant that the measure failed.

All ten no votes were Republicans, including Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming), a member of the 'Gang of Six' on the Finance Committee who are hashing out a bipartisan bill. A spokesman for Enzi didn't immediately return a call from Huffington Post."

Damn right! Guns are for pussies.

Police: College student kills intruder with sword :

"In the garage, the student told police he discovered a man and when the student told the man to get out, the man accosted him, Guglielmi said. The student defended himself with the sword, cutting off the man's hand and causing a severe laceration to his upper body, he said."

Atta boy. Future Republican in the making.

Fuck up. Lie about it. Blame it on the terrorist.

Ala. boy fakes kidnapping to hide bad grades:

"An 11-year-old boy gets high marks in storytelling after staging a hoax to cover up his bad grades. Police said the boy faked his kidnapping Friday to avoid bringing home a bad report card, saying that a man with a pistol snatched him after he left Ed White Middle School. The boy said the man forced him into a 'beat-up car' and threatened to kill him.

The student said he escaped by jumping out of the car but wasn't able to grab his bookbag, which contained the report card."

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