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DBT Week in Review - 10/2/09

DBT!/Patterson Hood

If you have an iPhone go get DBT's new iPhone app. Pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself.

Two links.

This one will launch iTunes store directly to the app.

This one is a third party vendor:

Drive-By Truckers - Official App iPhone application - AppStoreHQ


New Words from the Hood.

Patterson Hood

New solo gigs for Patterson:

Patterson Hood - Tour




The Lovesick Drunk: Album of the Decade: Drive-by Truckers - Decoration Day:

"How do you follow up a masterpiece? You one-up the mother fucker."


Hellz yeah. Git you some.
Sent to me as a complimentary gift CD for the work I'd done for 91.3 WYEP FM, I found this track to be the most soulful on the compilation. And I found it fascinating for the main character to wonder about his own mortality even after death. Conversely I wonder if I am at times dead even in life."


Jason Isbell

Trythespecial's Blog:

"So I’m doing a little blogging now. Lots going on these days, and I thought some of you might want to know how we’re getting along. The Americana Awards are Thursday night the Ryman in Nashville, and of course excitement abounds. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing lots of old friends and hearing some great music. Here’s a picture-"


The Dexateens (dexateens) on Twitter

Skybucket Records:
"$ 14.00

This is to pre-order the vinyl LP edition of Dexateens – Singlewide. All orders will be ship before release date to arrive early or on time. All orders will come with download code of full album plus alternate versions. THE RELEASE DATE IS NOVEMBER 24"

Drivin' n' Cryin'

Please go buy this excellent record if you haven't already. Really, really good stuff. The Great American Bubble Factory: Drivin' n' Cryin': Music

I've been revisiting some older DnC and at the same time revisiting some of my youth. So glad these guys are still around and making good tunes.

Here's where my worlds collide.

Stewart Cink hanging with DnC.

Facebook | drivin' n' cryin''s Photos - Dave FM Circle of Friends


DnC on doing some acoustic.


Muscle Shoals Sound

The other Southern sound | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"SHEFFIELD - Jay Johnson says he knows just enough Spanish to get into trouble, but he's not going to let his limitations keep him from taking on the challenge of learning a Mexican rock song.

The song and maybe a couple of other rock songs that are popular south of the border will appear on an album featuring Johnson and guitarist Brian Flynn, a Colorado native who has spent the past 15 years living and playing music in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Johnson, son of Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section founder Jimmy Johnson, and Flynn began recording the untitled album at Jimmy Johnson's Sheffield studio in mid-September.

The guitarists were joined in the studio by Flynn's friend and bassist, John June, and Shoals drummer, John Blumer, who played with Johnson in the popular local act, Radio Tokyo, in the 1980s.

Several other noted musicians, including former 38 Special guitarist Jeff Carlisi and one-time Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Mike Estes, also are expected to be involved in the project."


Grumbine rants so good.


Grateful Dead Archive To Be Preserved Online -

Warner music videos returning to YouTube

Lucy Vodden Dead: 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' Dies At 46

Subversive cartoonist R. Crumb zaps the Bible | Raw Story:

"PARIS — Subversive US cartoonist Robert Crumb, whose take on the Bible is about to be released worldwide, says people are “totally nuts” for taking the book so seriously for so long.

“I grew to hate the Bible,” he told a press conference for the international launch of “Robert Crumb’s Book of Genesis”, which he called a “gruelling” four year project. The book hits bookshelves in late October in Europe, Brazil and the United States.

“The idea of millions of people taking this so seriously is totally nuts,” he added. “The Bible doesn’t need to be satirised. It’s already so crazy.”"

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