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DBT Week in Review - 10/30/09

Hardly Strictly 2009 - Video 1

Here is my first attempt at editing with the new camera. I suck, apparently. HD compression has got me baffled at the moment.

Audio spikes around 2:28 so be forewarned.

This is Gillian Welch, David Rawlings and Emmylou Harris performing Down to the River to Pray.



Cork Industries Presents:

An Evening with Patterson Hood (of Drive-By Truckers)

November 25, 2009 - Zodiac Theater - Florence, AL

Tickets are available at Pegasus Records, Billy Reid Clothing and online at

$15 Adv/$20 Day of Show. Seating if very very very very limited (you don't have to include all those veries, but there are only 150)

It's going to be very intimate with just Patterson and a guitar.

We'll probably have some of Byron Wilkes artwork on display behind him on the stage as well.

New video from Cracker with Patterson Hood - "Friends" - Americana and roots music - No Depression


Mrs. Swamp providing some sweet video from current shows.

Thoughts go out to dear friend Beth on this one:




Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Jason Isbell Sets Stage for “Cigarettes and Wine” | CMT Blog

Very special Mountain Stage show. - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit's MySpace Blog |



Dexateens providing all of your spooky Halloween needs.

YouTube - The Dexateens present "Old Bryce" part 1 of 3

YouTube - The Dexateens present "Old Bryce" part 2 of 3

YouTube - The Dexateens present "Old Bryce" part 3 of 3


Will Johnson

Will Johnson with MOF at The Bridge School Benefit



"Put 'em in the Graveyard" - Marah's MySpace Blog |:

"In the past our band never played many new songs before records were 'officially' released. We always felt new albums/new songs were best absorbed as complete thoughts...records had sequence and rhythm, each song made more sense propped up by its fellow jams, and as the final guitars or bagpipes rang out you could feel like you'd been on a kinda rock & roll journey. We still feel that way. But...

Considering it's been such a long time since we shared a song and dance together we wanna put this out there for y'all...something new to enjoy and discuss while we wait for the other shoe to drop. We also promise that your $contribution will not be blown in some smoky pub but will aid us greatly in bringing a lot more 'unreleased' Marah music into the world this year. Think of the mix tape possibilities."

FAME Studios Revamps World Famous Studio - FAME Music Group's MySpace Blog |:
"In 2009 as FAME approaches its 50th Anniversary we still look to the future as we upgrade and reload our facilities and staff for the next 50 years. We have two studios both equipped with Analog and Pro-Tools gear. We are loaded with Most every plug-in imaginable. Neve 8232 console in one room, the other an Amek Angela. Record where Duane Allman, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Little Richard, Etta James and many more recorded.

Lastly, FAME is proud to announce the addition of multi-Grammy award winning engineer Tom Swift to our staff as chief engineer. Tom has worked with the likes of Eric Clapton, Don Henley, AC/DC, Miles Davis, BB King, to name a few. Tom is an expert in the art of recording both Analog and with most any DAW. So if you want to record in one of the best sounding rooms in the world. With one of the top engineers in the world, FAME is for you.

Like to have some of that 'Muscle Shoals Sound' without leaving home? Call us and we will setup an account for your recordings online. Want legendary bassist David Hood, to play on your track? No Problem."



Teenage folk singer Taylor Mitchell killed by coyotes in Canadian park - Times Online:

"A teenage folk singer hailed as a rising star in Canada has been mauled to death by two coyotes while hiking alone in woods during a solo tour. The attack took place as Taylor Mitchell, 19, was walking on a trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia."

Taylor Mitchell :: From Taylor's Mom:

I've noticed that the media have often mentioned that Taylor was hiking alone when the coyote attack occurred. I want people to know that Taylor was a seasoned naturalist and well versed in wilderness camping. She loved the woods and had a deep affinity for their beauty and serenity. Tragically it was her time to be taken from us so soon.

We take a calculated risk when spending time in nature's fold-- it's the wildlife's terrain. When the decision had been made to kill the pack of coyotes, I clearly heard Taylor's voice say, 'please don't, this is their space'. She wouldn't have wanted their demise, especially as a result of her own. She was passionate about animals, was an environmentalist, and was also planning to volunteer at the Toronto Wildlife Centre in the coming months."

Taylor Mitchell :: Taylor Mitchell Memorial Fund:

"The Mitchell family has set up a Memorial Fund in Taylor's name. It hasn't yet been decided exactly how the fund will be used but some ideas being discussed include: a yearly scholarship to a songwriting student at Etobicoke Shool for the Arts (Taylor's alma mater); a yearly prize for an outstanding young performer at the Canadian Folk Music Awards; a bursary for a young touring performer; a donation to charity.
Give her music a listen today to honor her and her talent.

Taylor Mitchell on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads:


SFGate: Daily Dish : Death Dive Brought Boozy Creed Star Back To Life:

"A four-story fall from a hotel balcony in 2006 gave Creed star Scott Stapp his life back, according to the rocker himself.

As the third anniversary of his near-death dive comes around next month, the singer is back with the band he quit and insists he's born-again after years of binge drinking, substance abuse and womanizing turned him into a wreck."

I'll let Denis Leary handle by response to the above:

Denis Leary: No Cure for Cancer:

"We live in a country, where John Lennon takes six bullets in the chest, Yoko Ono was standing right next to him and not one fucking bullet! Explain that to me! Explain that to me, God! Explain it to me, God! I want it! God! Jesus! Now we've got twenty-five more years. Yeah, I'm real fucking happy now, God. I'm wearing a huge happy hat, Jesus Christ! I mean Stevie Ray Vaughan is dead, and we can't get Jon Bon Jovi in a helicopter. Come on, folks. 'Get on that helicopter John. Shut the fuck up and get on that helicopter! There's a hair dresser in there. Yeah, go ahead in there, yeah yeah.'

Google Reportedly To Launch Music Search Engine - News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News:

"The project, possibly called 'One Box,' will reportedly use the popular sites Lala, iLike and others to stream songs based on user searches. The company has not commented on the possible announcement, and a spokesperson did not return requests for comment at press time.

Sublime - Punk Icons Perform Despite Legal Action Threat - Contactmusic News


Metallica's iPhone App 'Tap Tap Revenge' Rocks Out:

"LOS ANGELES — Headbangers will have a reason to steady their gaze a bit starting Tuesday, when rock band Metallica makes its way onto iPhones with a finger-tapping music app called 'Tap Tap Revenge: Metallica.'

In the game, players tap areas on the screen in time with the music, much like players strum or drum plastic instruments in video games such as 'Rock Band' and 'Guitar Hero,' except on a smaller scale.

The iconic rockers could probably make more money performing one or two shows live, with 10 playable songs on the game, including 'Enter Sandman,' selling for $4.99."

These are hilarious.

The Most Ridiculous Rap Lyrics Of All Time


I'm down.

And CrazySexyCool was a great album.

SFGate: Daily Dish : TLC star held record boss hostage:

"Watkins has now spoken about the band's past, admitting they once resorted to violence in a bid to claim their fair share of the profits from their hugely successful 1994 album 'CrazySexyCool.'

The singer claims the trio burst into a meeting between Davis and Sean 'Diddy' Combs, throwing the rapper out and threatening the record executive with guns.

She tells talk show host Mo'Nique, 'We held the record company, Clive Davis, hostage with guns. Guns with bullets. Because TLC had generated on 'CrazySexyCool' $75 million and they gave us $50,000 a piece and I was like, 'What the hell!' So, of course Lisa was the ringleader. We had a limo driver, and he was the getaway car."

Awww. Athens, GA.

Swampland:Spotlight On The Classic City: Athens, Georgia:

"Last week was a big week for the Georgia Theatre. They received their official approval to rebuild, and the Theatre released information on how to contribute to rebuilding this venerable music establishment.

Here's a link to the Georgia Theatre's fundraising brochure. Here's a link to the donation page at the Georgia Trust. Look for my recent interview with Theatre owner Wilmont Greene in a day or so."

Some French Chick Rock to finish the day.

Plastiscines - Barcelona


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