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DBT Week in Review - 10/9/09

I'm swamped, y'all!

Not much DBT content this week, but next week I'll have a special Hardly Strictly post with video from Booker and DBT's set along with some other amazing stuff from other artists.

First time out with a new video camera, so lots to clean up. My rookieness will be apparent, but some good stuff to be seen. Mo' later.

Here are a couple of pics.

On stage (no shit. I could have picked up an instrument and played along) with Billy Joe Shaver.

And here's backstage at the main stage. This is quickly become on of the all time favorite pictures I've ever taken. I've got a big ass version on my MAC desktop and I find something new in the pic everyday.

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings are on stage.


Do have a bit of DBT for you.

Isn't this just a kick ass piece of art?

I'll let the artist explain. She posted this on DBT's Facebook page.

Lee Anne Vavra - Hi! I wanted to show you my "Sweet Annette" painting I just finished. I have the words to the song in the background and a dedication to DBT on the back. xo
Excellent, excellent work, Lee Anne!


OK, since you asked nice and all.....

Here's a fan YouTube from Hardly Strictly.



NBA Playa Paul Shirley's got great taste in music, but he's off about Dexateen's studio work. That shit is the bomb.

Rain, lawn chairs test my limits at Austin - ESPN

I rush into the grounds with visions of greatness in my head. Chris has been raving about a band he helps manage, The Dexateens, for months. I've listened to two of their albums, but left each encounter with their recorded work thoroughly underwhelmed.

Lee Bains leans into the mike and says, "We're the Dexateens, and we're from Alabama." Thirty seconds later, I can tell that the Dexateens are what the kids call the real deal. I decide that the band needs to hire a new recording engineer because whatever it is that they are doing onstage has not yet been translated to an album. Aping the Drive-By Truckers' legendary Three-Axe Attack (which I've always wanted to write -- it means there are three guitars), the 'teens form a wall of dirty Southern rock sound that is complemented by the harmonizing of Bains, John Smith and Elliott McPherson. I like the band's sound. I like their happy, dancing bassist. I like that most of the group is driving to New Orleans for a show that night. And I really like that they have to be back in Alabama by tomorrow morning, because one of their members has to play in church.


Rock Candy: Last night: The Dexateens

Thursday night, beneath the banner of the Arkansas state flag on the back wall of White Water’s stage sat Brian Gosdin, drummer for the Dexateens, BAMA emblazoned across his T-shirt, attending his houndstooth-adorned drum kit, just in case there was any confusion about where these boys hail from.

Typically, the Tuscaloosa country-rockers’ lineup has featured three guitarists, but last night, founding member John Smith was nowhere to be found. Pre-set, front man Lee Bains III admitted that Smith had abruptly split from the band not days ago, this just before their first showing at the Austin City Limits music festival. It was clear Smith’s exit had rocked them, but luckily for us, as musicians are wont to do, the Dexateens managed to unload all that anxiety into their show

Will Johnson

Jason Molina and Will Johnson

Jason Molina and Will Johnson Collaborate on New LP, Plot European Tour

Call this the Phantoms of Folk. Call this two lone wolves running together for one dark blissout of a night. Two of the finest indie-folk songwriters of the last decade come together under the Texas sky to quietly lay to tape 14 crushing, haunting tunes, leaving space enough in each to match their surroundings. In this collaboration between Jason Molina and Will Johnson, each seem to hold the other’s talents to fire and elevate both performance and creativity. In the friendly sharing of ideas, Molina and Johnson become two poet’s poets in a workshop, aimed to craft a singular, searing elegy.

Will Johnson describes this alignment of two red stars: “For ten days we wrote, co-wrote, workshopped, complimented, scrutinized, drank, invited friends to come play music, smoked, made lots of notes and drawings, drank a little more and shot the BB gun off the back porch when we just needed some time and space. In the throes of all this, our record was made in the late February sun.”


twentycyclestotheground.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)



WUTK radio show and more.. - Lauderdale's MySpace Blog |:
"WUTK radio show and more..
This friday we will be at Barley's Taproom in Knoxville, Tn. opening for the Dirty Guv'nahs. They are a great band with a great following in the Knoxville area. We are very excited to have the opportunity of being exposed to their fanbase.

For those of you in Knoxville that can't make the show we will be promoting it with an interview and live performance that afternoon around 4 p.m. (eastern time) on 88.7 WUTK.

For those of you outside of the area the radio show can be streamed live at
Assuming that most of you listening will be from our neck of the woods, that will be the central time zone, so you'll want to tune in around 3 p.m.

We will be perfoming several songs from our upcoming album that has yet to be released. This might be the only chance to hear a good quality recording of these songs for quite some time so check it out.


Muscle Shoals Sound

Can't remember if I posted this previously and too lazy to look at the last couple of WIRs, so...

By popular demand | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:
"Donnie Fritts only had two conditions that had to be met before he agreed to perform a series of shows in Japan.

Because of his health, he needed a break between shows and he insisted he be joined by the The Decoys, the local rhythm-and-blues band that frequently serves as his backup band.

A Japanese concert promoter Fritts has known for more than 35 years agreed, and now Fritts and The Decoys will be taking Muscle Shoals R&B and funk to audiences in five Japanese cities beginning Saturday.

'I called him and told him what I had in mind,' Fritts said. 'I'd love to do some shows in Japan, but I had to bring The Decoys. I don't want to play with anyone else. I know these guys, we play well together and they know my songs.'"

Last, but certianly not least..... Peter Grumbine.

I'll have more on this guy next week. He's alright for a South Carolinian... If yer into that type of thing.



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