Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Splainin' to Do

Love this guy.

Daily Kos: Alan Grayson Launches:


Free speech, y'all.

It must be hell to work for Secret Service these days.

Federal authorities investigating anti-Obama Nazi message on Massachusetts golf course.


At least they are spreading some of their hate to some of their own.

WTF is wrong with these people.

Lindsey Graham Faces Tea Party Fury: "Traitor," "Democrat In Drag," "Half-A-Sissy" (VIDEO):

"Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) faced an eruption of rage from Tea Party activists at a town hall meeting Tuesday for his decision to work with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) on climate change and clean energy legislation."

Lying liars.

New RNC Website Claims Jackie Robinson As “GOP Hero” — But He Was Indy Who Condemned GOP’s Racial Tactics | The Plum Line:

"What’s more, Robinson was appalled by what the Republican party had become in 1964, when Barry Goldwater won the nomination over Rockefeller. In his autobiography he described his reaction to the that year’s GOP convention as follows::

That convention was one of the most unforgettable and frightening experiences of my life. The hatred I saw was unique to me because it was hatred directed against a white man. It embodied a revulsion for all he stood for, including his enlightened attitude towards black people.

A new breed of Republicans had taken over the GOP. As I watched this steamroller operation in San Francisco, I had a better understanding of how it must have felt to be a Jew in Hitler’s Germany."

I may bitch and moan about inaction and policy, but it still thrills me that we have a baller in the WH.

Support Our Hoops: President Obama Hits The BBall Court | TPM Photo Galleries:

"Bill Clinton had his saxophone. JFK was an avid sailor. FDR collected stamps. These days, President Barack Obama has made basketball the First Hobby. From pick-up games with White House staffers to appearances at Washington Wizards games, the President has found plenty of ways to partake in his favorite pastime, in between that whole 'leading the free world' thing. Even his Cabinet is mostly made up of former players, something that caused President Obama to joke that he's put together 'the best basketball-playing Cabinet in American history.' Here, the President tries to block a shot while playing with Reggie Love at St. Bartholomew's Church in New York on September 23, during the UN General Assembly."

Lot's of good folks down there.... more need to write letters to the editor.

Explanations please | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"Can someone please tell me why some folks don't mind spending taxpayer money when it comes to subsidizing private companies, farms or contracting out Government work to private companies, but have a meltdown if the Government (that's us taxpayers) wants to 'compete?'

Can someone explain why a public option for insurance freaks the Republicans out, but dismantling the Glass-Steagall Act and opening up a world of options for their wealthy cohorts on Wall Street to rip the fabric right out of middle class America didn't?

Finally, can anyone explain why the debt we leave our children matters more than how they will pay that debt? We accept longer hours, less pay and hope and pray we can hang on to our company health care plan. What kind of option is that for their future?

Support health care reform.

Pat Roemer



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