Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give Some Thanks

I'm taking the next few days away from the blog, so stuff yourselves silly and holiday your asses off.

Some almost good news, though.

Paula Deen HIT In The FACE With A Ham (VIDEO)

I propose a TV show where Paula Deen gets hit in the face repeatedly with a ham, or hammer, for an hour straight. No commercials.

That woman gets on my last nerve.


New, free music from one of my favorite rockers.

Official news about the rock band Glossary from Murfreesboro, TN � Blog Archive � Joey’s solo record – free download:

"Ok, first thing’s first. Our new record, Feral Fire, will be released on February 2nd. We are all very excited to say the least.

Joey is so excited, he has decided to give you his new solo record as a free download!All-Night Cover It’s called The All-Night Bedroom Revival. I know Joey spent a lot of time on it and he did everything himself. I listened to it while I was on the road this past month and I can tell you that it’s gripping and dense and is a showcase for one of my favorite songwriters ever. The record also includes the incredible song “Paper Mills” written by Kevin Kerby of Little Rock, AR. So please enjoy it thoroughly and let it tide you over until Feral Fire’s birthday on Feb 2nd"

And, holy freakin' crap is Norah Jones fine as dandy wine or what. JeZeus. She's always been cute, but she's vamped it up a bit for the new record.

Stupid record labels with there 'embedding disabled'. And that helps how?

YouTube - Norah Jones - Chasing Pirates

Here's she is performing the single live. All bow to Norah Jones hotness!


And this website needs to add the 'embed' option. Get with it, folks. You get more views with embed.

A Night w/ Drivin N Cryin By Eric Von Haessler On ExposureRoom


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