Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Fun, geeky way to pass some time today.

Daily Kos: Photo Tour of The Solar System (Part 1)


It don't look pretty. And by 'worse case' I think they mean 'the only case'.

Losing Net Neutrality: What The Worse Case Scenario Looks Like:

"As we've previously discussed, Senator John McCain hates him some 'net neutrality.' And so, he's introducing the 'Internet Freedom Act of 2009,' that would give telecoms the 'freedom' to turn the 'internet' into a confounding and baffling ordeal that would suck, into infinity. Net neutrality, which McCain, inventor of the Blackberry, wants to do away with, would keep internet service providers from favoring some content packets over others. To borrow an example elucidated by Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin, net neutrality is what prevents Time Warner, a provider, from slowing or blocking access to MSNBC in favor of CNN.

What would life be like under the 'Internet Freedom Act?' Well, one Reddit user created an image that depicts the 'worst case scenario.'"

Zogby has always been a crap poll, but, geez, come on. This isn't even attempting a dog whistle anymore. Just shouting it from the roof tops. 'The Sheriff is..... near'.

Zogby asks if FCC should force "good white people" to "make room for more African-Americans and gays." | Media Matters for America


When you go to B.C. always check that you have your room key, your wallet and your feet with you at ALL TIMES, people.

Foot found on Richmond beach is seventh foot found on B.C. coast:

"RICHMOND - A right foot has been found inside a running shoe on a beach in Richmond, the seventh foot found along B.C.’s coast in two years, RCMP said Wednesday."

Cool. If there's any water left, though.

Giant Crack in Africa Will Create a New Ocean | LiveScience:

"A 35-mile rift in the desert of Ethiopia will likely become a new ocean eventually, researchers now confirm.

The crack, 20 feet wide in spots, opened in 2005 and some geologists believed then that it would spawn a new ocean. But that view was controversial, and the rift had not been well studied.

A new study involving an international team of scientists and reported in the journal Geophysical Research Letters finds the processes creating the rift are nearly identical to what goes on at the bottom of oceans, further indication a sea is in the region's future."

Don't worry. Be happy. Seriously. Be happy or else.

The Happiness Hat Will Spike Your Skull - Happiness hat - Gizmodo:

"This is the Happiness Hat. It detects whether or not you're smiling. If you aren't, it jabs you in the back of the head with a metal spike. Nothing makes people happier than sharp skull pain!"

Yeah, riddle me this recent vegetarian who attempted to argue with me that meat was not necessary part of a diet. If a plant eats meat, then I can eat met. End of discussion. (with the caveat that sustainable farming is something we really need to work on. I'mma gonna eat meat. It just doesn't need to be shipped 2000 miles before I do).

11 Carnivorous Plants (PHOTOS)


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