Friday, December 18, 2009

DBT Week in Review - 12/18/09


The Best Music of the Decade - Metacritic

DBT #7

The No Depression Community's Top 50 Albums of 2009 - Americana and roots music - No Depression:

"20. Drive-By Truckers - The Fine Print (buy)"

31. Booker T. & the Drive-By Truckers - Potato Hole (buy)

Holiday song of the day: 'Mrs. Claus' Kimono' by the Drive-By Truckers | Portland & Oregon Music -

"Years later, in a bar on the Gulf Coast, Hermey told this story to Patterson Hood, who wrote it down, made it rhyme and recorded it with the Drive-By Truckers. It's an outtake from the 'A Blessing and a Curse' album that found its way onto this year's collection of 'oddities and rarities' called 'The Fine Print.' (Buy it)

At least part of all that is true. There are lots of songs about Santa. There are some naughty songs about Santa -- 'Backdoor Santa' and 'Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin'' come immediately to mind. There are very few songs about a mischievous elf getting Santa out of the way so as to put the moves on Mrs. Claus.

And this is why the Drive-By Truckers are great."

Swear I'm not Paul: Interview: Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers:

"My year end and decade end lists are coming up very shortly. You should expect the Drive-By Truckers to feature on both (especially the decade end one). So imagine my delight at being able to interview Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers. Here is what he had to say about returning to Ireland, new albums The Big To-Do and Go Go Boots, his favourite lyrics, his early band Adam's House Cat, working with Booker T, and even selected his favourite albums of the decade."

Facebook | Wendy Hopkins's Photos - UNHCR Benefit December 16,2009


Yet another music blogger

Here's some dude who fails to inform folks that his new music blog is up and running.

Listen, Grumbine, this ain't the fancy, la-te-da world of television where your audience is captive and drooling. This is the bare knuckle world of blogging. Self promotion is king.

Anyway, unlike this blog, the motherfucker curses a lot, but he does know his musical shit. Such language, though.

The People's Music



Dexateens � Sake of the Song:

"Elliott McPherson is the co-writer/front man of Alabama rock and roll band the Dexateens. He made his first “Lightbox” in a last-minute effort to complete an album cover for the band’s self-titled release in 2004. That first Lightbox featured the same headphones that McPherson had used as a child to “listen to the rock and roll that my parents forbade me to listen to.” Since then, every Dexateens release has borne a Lightbox on its cover, and McPherson has assembled hundreds more. McPherson supports his family with a kitchen and bath cabinetry business that he and his wife run together. “I really love the craft of cabinetry and it did me a lot of good to learn that discipline, but I prefer the freedom and randomness of building Lightboxes”. Elliott resides in Buhl, Alabama with his wife, Eva, and their two boys, Caleb and Gray."


The Raw Story | Jackson, Cohen to get Grammy lifetime nods:

"Pop icon Michael Jackson and Canadian singer Leonard Cohen will headline a group of talent receiving lifetime achievement awards at the Grammys in January, organizers announced Thursday.

The late King of Pop, a 13-time Grammy winner, and singer-songwriter Bobby Darin will be receiving the prestigious prize posthumously during a Los Angeles gala on January 30, on the eve of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Other awardees include classical pianist Andre Previn, country legend Loretta Lynn, jazz trumpeter Clark Terry and blues musician David (Honeyboy) Edwards."

Ariz. teacher on leave for taking choir to Hooters:

"An Arizona music teacher whose students performed at a presidential inauguration event is on administrative leave after taking 40 high school students to a Hooters restaurant."



Anonymous said...

I am kind of disappointed with all the best of decade lists I've been reading. Not because most of the lists are poor- they are- but because they fail to recognize we still have a whole year left in this decade. This decade started at 12:01, 1/1/01 and ends at midnight 12/31/10. Make sense? The year 2000 was the last year of the 20th century. Nobody starts counting with zero . . .

Since we still have a year, maybe some good legislation will get passed this decade. Maybe.

JPW said...

Agreed. Kinda like celebrating the new millennium in 2000.

ON the 2nd point, don't count on it. Next year is an election year. Apparently those fuckers don't 'work' and I use that term loosely, during election years.

wendy said...

Thanks for the linky shout. The Canal Room is one of the best venues (small and cozy) and Patterson was awesome.

JPW said...

Thanks for the pictures, Wendy!