Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Howard Dean is Right - Kill This Bill

Kill this shitty ass bill. Fucking Democrats!!!

"This is not real reform. This is not health care reform. There are no choices" - Dr. Howard Dean
Must see:


Daily Kos: Remove mandate, or kill this bill:

"Without any mechanisms to control costs, this is yet another bailout for yet another reviled industry. Subsidies? Insurance companies are free to raise their rates to absorb that cash. More money for subsidies? More rate increases, as well as more national debt. Don't expect Lieberman and his ilk to care. They're in it for their industry pals.

If you want a similar model, watch how universities increase tuition to absorb increased financial aid opportunities. And since the Senate and its industry-bought Senators won't allow insurance premium caps or an end to the insurance industry's anti-trust exemption (much less a public option to compete against them), there is nothing keeping those companies from jacking up rates to screw people. In fact, that's been their modus operandi for years."

Not another campaign phone call. Not another contribution. Not another vote for the Democratic Party.


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