Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Make a Resolution or Mircale My Ass

This is excellent. I'll be moving my money at the beginning of the year.


Sigh. Crap journalism at its finest. Always has to be the trailer park after the tornado.

Christmas 'Miracle' As Mother, Infant Resuscitated After Showing No Signs Of Life During Labor:

Mike Hermanstorfer credits "the hand of God."

"We are both believers ... but this right here, even a nonbeliever – you explain to me how this happened. There is no other explanation," he said.

OK, Mike. Let me do some simple bolding for an earthly explanation:
"'They hand him to me, he's absolutely lifeless,' Hermanstorfer said. The doctors went to work on Coltyn as Hermanstorfer held him, and soon he began to breath.

'His life began in my hands,' Hermanstorfer said. 'That's a feeling like none other. Life actually began in the palm of my hands.'

Martin said Tracy Hermanstorfer's pulse returned even before she was wheeled out of the room and into surgery.
So the 'miracle' occurred after human doctors and nurses worked on both mother and child. Worked feverishly, I would imagine. With their human hands that are connected to the human brains. Brains they've filled with knowledge about, oh, I don't know, medicine, maybe?

Thus, man had no hand in this and it was all some 'gods' doing.

The 'Miracle on Ice' was more miraculous than this.

I'm sure the doctors and nurses are very glad that their many years of hard work studying and training mean so little when some god can swoop in after they've busted their asses and claim all of the glory. 'God' is a bit douchey, don't you think?

It is a miracle that I don't devote my life to seeking and punching 97% of all journalist in this country.


Sucker TPs.

TeaBaggers: Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the GOP.

They can't even leave their own party.


Majority Of Tea Party Group's Spending Went To GOP Firm That Created It | TPMMuckraker


Change by executive order that will be reversed immediately by President Palin.

Jeez, you figure the same could be done for DADT.


Daily Kos: Change: Obama orders creation of Declassification Center:

"* It establishes a National Declassification Center at the National Archives to enable agency reviewers to perform collaborative declassification in accordance with priorities developed by the Archivist with input from the general public.
* For the first time, it establishes the principle that no records may remain classified indefinitely and provides enforceable deadlines for declassifying information exempted from automatic declassification at 25 years.
* For the first time, it requires agencies to conduct fundamental classification guidance reviews to ensure that classification guides are up-to-date and that they do not require unnecessary classification.
* It eliminates an Intelligence Community veto of certain decisions by the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel that was introduced in the Bush order.

While the Government must be able to prevent the public disclosure of information that would compromise the national security, a democratic government accountable to the people must be as transparent as possible and must not withhold information for self-serving reasons or simply to avoid embarrassment."

"búyòngxiè".... "xièxiè"....."duìbuqǐ"....

Sorry. Just practicing.

Gettin' shit done, while we bow to redneck, dumbfuck Congressman from backwater, asshole states.

Git 'er done!

China mandates renewable energy while U.S. deepens its dithering - Jeff McMahon - Scorched Earth - True/Slant:

"As often as socialism and communism are evoked to discredit the Obama Administration’s agenda, it can be illustrative to observe how communist governments actually behave.

China’s National People’s Congress convened on Dec. 22. Three days later it passed a law requiring China’s energy companies to buy all energy generated through renewable sources–wind, solar power, hydropower, biomass, geothermal and ocean energy.

What if that energy is more expensive? Buy it anyway, the legislature told the energy companies, or pay twice its cost in fines.

What if that energy can’t be accessed with the existing power grid? Improve the grid, China told the energy companies."

I love this chick. As one who is practicing yoga at the moment, she's like my poster girl for cool.

Tara Stiles: Is Religion Ruining Our Health?:
"Self-doubt is a part of most everyone's life at some point. When we forget that we are powerful, loving beings, full of potential and endless possibilities, we are subject to fall into the traps of teachings that convince us that we are unworthy, unholy, and small. Finding the answers in something outside of our selves can feel more secure, especially when lots of other people are doing it. Most of us are taught faith when we are young. We are given a set of rules and behaviors to live by 'or else' bad things will happen and there will be no eternal salvation. Religion takes the trust away from the individual and replaces it with an insurance plan for eternal salvation paid off over a lifetime with rules and fear. Is going to a building once a week to be guided to a connection with God useful or destructive? Why can't we plug into divinity each moment without the help of an institution? Feeling and intuition can guide us through a very grounded and real spiritual path."


davyproctorboy said...

I went for a drive yesterday and the lord saved me from falling off the edge of the flat earth. A true miracle!

JPW said...

Praise baby jeebus, Davy! You can send your tithing to me and I'll forward it to the good lord.