Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Falling Iguana

I think my today's post name would be a good band name.

*Dude, F.I. rocked it last night*


Yesterday's most perfect snark:

Corn: McGwire used steroids, Fox signs Palin, sun sets in west | Raw Story:
"'McGwire used steroids. Palin signed with Fox. Sun sets in the west.'"

Concerning the 'California is DOOOOOMED' meme....

No. No we are not.

Coolest state ever.

Calif. judge orders police to return 60 pounds of marijuana | Raw Story:

"A Los Angeles judge has ordered that 60 pounds of pot confiscated by the California Highway Patrol during an arrest be returned to the defendant.

Superior Court Judge William Sterling on Friday ordered the marijuana returned to Saguro Doven. The 33-year-old's attorneys successfully argued that he had the legal right to transport it under medical marijuana guidelines issued by state Attorney General Jerry Brown."

No climate change here folks. Nothing to see. Move along and go teabag a loved one if such a thing is legal in your state.

Kamikaze iguanas fall from Florida's frozen trees - Telegraph

BBC News - 'Wildlife in crisis' in frozen UK:

"'With the icy weather predicted to last at least another week, this winter could be the single greatest wildlife killer of the new millennium.'"

Quantum physics fascinates me to no end.

Daily Kos: Golden Ratio Discovered in Quantum World


Best Products Of CES 2010: The Coolest New Tech From The Consumer Electronics Show (PHOTOS)


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