Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loser in Chief

We elected another fucking Republican.

You create the support, Obama. That's what leaders do. We know the kabuki. We know you never wanted this b/c of your deals with big insurance and big pharma.


Not another vote, not another dime, not another campaign phone call for Democrats.

If you think I have to hold my nose and vote Dem b/c the alternative is far worse, you've got another thing coming. I'll drag this bitch under the gutter.

Bring on President Palin.

White House slammed after declaring ‘not enough support’ for public option | Raw Story:
"Progressive bloggers and activists are up in arms about White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' assertion Tuesday that 'there isn't enough political support' to pass a public option for health care through Congress.

Per norm, Greenwald nails it.

This is their game. This IS what they do. Fuck 'em all.

My goal is to make it as painful as possible for any Democrat, especially those jackasses who think they are in the clear b/c they signed some goddamn letter of PO support. I can sign a letter too. Means jack shit.

Daily Kos: Glenn Greenwald: 'This is what the Democratic Party does; it's who they are':
"This is what the Democratic Party does; it's who they are. They're willing to feign support for anything their voters want just as long as there's no chance that they can pass it."

North Alabama connection:

Slate Magazine - Editorial and Political Cartoons, Comic Strips:
"He served as editorial cartoonist for his college paper and managing editor of the alternative student newspaper while attending the University of North Alabama, where he graduated in 1980 with degrees in Art and History"


Let's hand it back over to the idiotocracy. Bring it on.


Because Europe has had many massive wars on its soil and has evolved to eschew militarization and war.... this is a danger to peace. Their peace endangers peace.

Seriously, did we even have an election? Is Cheney really president?

Gates Calls European Mood a Danger to Peace -
"“The demilitarization of Europe — where large swaths of the general public and political class are averse to military force and the risks that go with it — has gone from a blessing in the 20th century to an impediment to achieving real security and lasting peace in the 21st,” he told NATO officers and officials in a speech at the National Defense University, the Defense Department-financed graduate school for military officers and diplomats."

Jon Stewart ‘proves’ Glenn Beck is a commie | Raw Story:
"In the very same speech, Beck shed some light on his success. 'I educated myself. I went to the library and books are free.'

Stewart lowered his head in disbelief. 'Glenn, Glenn, Glenn the library isn't free. It's paid for with tax money. Free public libraries are the result of the progressive movement to communally share books,' he said.

'Community owned! That sounds like communist! You are a communist!' exclaimed an exasperated Stewart."

Toast Miraculously Spotted On Jesus (PICTURE)


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