Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Big To-Do and 40 Watt Pictures

The Big To-Do is Here!

Today is the official release of Drive-By Truckers' The Big To-Do.

If you haven't already, go grab a copy of this awesome rock record.

All I can say is.... Whew.

Also, check out the new DBT Main Website. Nice work Jenn et. al!

In celebration of this fine day, I've posted pics and vids from the 40 Watt shows that I was too lazy to fuck with several weeks ago.

No blogurockumentary as those may be a thing of this blog's past.

Thanks to all in Athens who made it a kickass time (Jenn.. always Jenn! Shayne and TMcB... much love, y'all. Mattador and Kelly. Damon.... for working all night then jaw jacking with me about the night's doings @ 4 a.m. Sunday morning. Justin.... for being a genius and creating the 'Friends and Family' cooler back stage. All at the 40 Watt. Athens in general. Nuci's for a kick ass benefit. Hoods and Cooleys and Tuckers and Neffs and Gonzalezezezez. Weaver D's for that Automatic Sweet Tea that damn near saved my life (I stumbled into Weaver's Saturday afternoon bleary as could be... ordered my food, then asked for some sweet tea. Weaver pointed to the cup already in front of me and said "Automatic, baby. Automatic for the people". I thought, my that's odd. Then I turned around to see the wall plastered with REM memorabilia. Then I received my music lesson for the day).

To all the folks I'm sure I forgot in my little thank you jag.

But, the biggest thanks goes out to Ava Hood, the only person willing to play dinosaur tag with me. I'd been asking people all day before Ava stepped up. You Rock, Ava!

OK, here are the pics and one thought that has endured from Athens:

Redneck sexy: Somebody else's baby dangling from one arm while holding a PBR in the other hand.

Riding in the back of Damon's van listening to the new Bettye LaVette (yes, it is very bad ass)

Yeah, She will.

40 Watt - Blessing of the Venue

Camp Amped All Stars

Guess why this picture made the cut:



I call this one 'Mattador'

3:00 a.m. Sunday Morning backstage.... gettin' arty

40 Watt presents an award to DBT

Here's Bloodkin, though the sound is squeaky


Here's to 2010 being the Biggest Damn To-Do we've all experienced.



binky said...

Great shots!

Nice to finally meet you. :)

AAW said...

Thanks, Bink! Nice to meet you too!