Friday, March 05, 2010

DBT Week in Review - 3/5/2010


Whew. So much going on with MUCH more to come. Hold on to yer panties....

Encore Online - Wilmington - Holding On To Belief

Drive-By Truckers pull back into Wilmington ahead of new album release | |


Nick Hornby's Short List - The Short List of Things to Do - TIME:
"Rock 'n' roll, straight up
Drive-By Truckers are intelligent in a way that I really appreciate as a writer. They're just guys being smart in their own space: guitars and drums and big choruses. It's been done before, but they do it well. I've been playing Brighter Than Creation's Dark a lot."

DCist Interview: Patterson Hood - DCist

Drive-By Truckers in fast lane with amped-up CD | Charlottesville Daily Progress

Drive-By Truckers: Patterson Hood Speaks | American Songwriter

_______ - Message Board • View topic - Video - Secret To A Happy Ending Premier Q/A Session


Playmixt= playlist mix tape

In Barr Weissman’s 2010 documentary, The Secret to a Happy Ending, there’s great balance between live performance and revealing interview. The subject this time is not a blockbuster band that’s topping the charts or selling out arenas and stadiums on their mammoth concert tour. The band is called Drive-by Truckers, and they’ve most likely played a blistering live show within a reasonable driving distance of wherever you are right now. This film about them is without a doubt a new addition to the pantheon of great rock and roll films

Playmixt= playlist mix tape:
"From the audience came a question to Mike Cooley about whether he knows a lot about cars. His response? “These hands don’t work! We write about cars, girls and booze.” Much laughter."

Secret To A Happy Ending - a set on Flickr

_______ - Drive-By Truckers with Limited* Autographed CD Booklet!:
"Pre-Order the upcoming release, Big To-Do by Drive-By Truckers and get a limited* autographed CD booklet with purchase!"

The LP Questionnaire/Pick Three - Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers |
"Now, have a gander at the F-word laced LP Questionnaire and Pick Three of Mr. Patterson Hood. It's a goodie.

The LP Questionnaire
Name: Patterson Hood
Pro Wrestling Name: Cardiac Sweet Cakes. I like that. I'm going to ask Cooley to start referring to me as Cardiac Sweet Cakes"
_______ murdering oscar: MP3 Downloads
Patterson Hood's solo album 'Murdering Oscar (and other love songs)' will be part of Amazon mp3's "50 for $5" promotion for the Month of March. If you havent already heard Patterson's solo work here is your chance!

Wes Freed!

Check out this great interview with Wes and Jyl from last year.

The Tin Whisker :: View topic - INTERVIEW WITH JYL AND WES FREED


Go get friendly with Wes' new Facebook page!

Facebook | Wes Freed


Will Johnson

Will Johnson Art Show at IF D Austin, TX:
"Yep. Will Johnson has a collection of baseball paintings and we will have them from March 11 through April. And guess what… you’re invited."


This brewery is nearby. DBT needs a beer. Feel free to come up with your own DBT beer name in the comments.

Beer: First Look At Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale. WTF FTW! - �nnecessary �mlaut




First Listen: Gorillaz : NPR



APGG said...

Great pics re: Happy Ending movie! Any earthly idea when those of us outside of mega-metro areas can actually see it?

Jez said...

I haven't thought about naming one of my beers after a DBT song, but "Righteous Path" is a great name for a double IPA.

JPW said...

APGG: Doc is in festival stage. Working on finding a distributor. DVD ETA YTBK.

Jez: That's a perfect name for an IPA. Do it!