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DBT Week in Review - 4/16/10





Jerry Falls Victim To The Information Age (And Whiskey) | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth:
"This isn't the best way to go about things, and the booze is no excuse. As the Drive-By Truckers tell us, 'whiskey don't make you do a thing, it just lets you.'"

10 Best Rock Operas - Spinner:
"3. 'Southern Rock Opera,' Drive-by Truckers
The classic Lynyrd Skynyrd lineup may have perished in that awful plane crash, but the band left behind a fine legacy for Drive-by Truckers, the band that would define what it was like to grow up in the South in their wake. This 2001 'Southern Rock Opera' tells Patterson Hood's semi-autobographical tale through the constant touchstone of the Skynyrd legend. Sample song title: 'Shut Up and Get on the Plane.'"



Twitter / Paul Shirley: I've owned the new @driveb ...:
"I've owned the new @drivebytruckers album for 12 days. I've listened to 'Birthday Boy' 8 times. This is a lot. So far, best song of 2010."

I'm lovin' it too, Junkie.

Twitter / Athens Music Junkie: I love all the social medi ...:
"I love all the social media stuff the @drivebytruckers are doing. Kinda makes me wish I had a bad job to post on"

I might not agree, but I know comedy when I see it.

Twitter / BitterOldPunk: @soundhunter Kings of Leon ...:
"@soundhunter Kings of Leon is for people who like My Morning Jacket but think Drive-By Truckers r 2 country. I have no use for these people."

David Morton is rocking to DBT whilst climbing Mt. Everest.

Twitter / David Morton: renjola yesterday. tday le ...

renjola yesterday. tday leaving Gokyo. tmorrow ChoLa. BC 11 or 12. Drive-By Truckers on the headphones. new FA update soon.

Meeting with Elizabeth Hawley Kicks off Expedition for Arnot and Morton


Facebook | Misericordia's Hearts & Flour Bakery's Photos - We're Fans!

DBT-working on Flickr - Photo Sharing!:

Dewey Beach to host Drive-By Truckers | Pulp Culture

Drive-By Truckers/Lucero | 04.03 | Philly on JamBase

Drive-By Truckers live in concert: Photos of Drive-By Truckers live in concert - Eye Tunes

Road Tested | My Secret Boston - StumbleUpon

Five Records With… Patterson Hood : Sounds Country:
"I had the opportunity to interview Patterson Hood about some records that keep him going. I covered his band, the Drive-By Truckers’ latest record The Big To Do here. Five Records is an occasional feature of artists talking about the music that inspires them. Read more of these posts here."

Day 2: Braves season, Heyward mania resume | Atlanta Braves:
"♣ Diversions: Picked up a couple of excellent CDs last week, the new, interesting, partly spoken-word CD by the godfather of hip-hop, Gil-Scott Heron, and the most recent release by Alabama garage-rockers the Dexateens, a CD called Singlewide. It’s the first one I’ve heard of theirs in a few years, for some unknown reason. Talk about underrated bands. The Dexateens have been around for many years and absolutely rock, but don’t seem to get much attention from the music press. They should. Try ‘em out if you haven’t. The Drive-By Truckers aren’t the only vital band from Alabama.

Check out the DBT shout-out at 1:30. Nice tune, too:


Brent is Best

Between Love and Like: Slobberbone/Drams' Brent Best Wanting to DIY Next Solo Record With Fan Donations


We love the Hold Steady... but COME ON, COLBERT! Before you've had DBT on?!? You've been to Colbert County, for fuck's sake.

The Hold Steady on Letterman & Colbert Report & New Members on JamBase:
"The Hold Steady will perform on The Late Show with David Letterman on Friday, April 30, and sit down for an interview as well as perform on The Colbert Report Thursday, May 14. The band will play songs from their new album Heaven Is Whenever, out May 4 on Vagrant Records."

That it is, baby. Can't wait for her new record.

It’s just Roast and Potatoes baby! | Epicurean Musician

Rocket Fuel - punk, ska, indie music podcast //
"Welcome to the latest installment of Rocket Fuel! On this episode I play great new jams from Four Year Strong, Streetlight Manifesto, Crime In Stereo and much more. I also interview Joe Kneiser from Glossary and review the new album To Bed To Battle by Look Mexico."

James McMurtry's Blog on Blurt Online:
"This guy, Rick Bass, wanted to do a piece on me for 'Gun and Garden', which sounds like it should have a sister publication called 'Tarp and Shovel'."

Clean Bill Of Health? |
"Framed in music terms, the U.S. healthcare debate has unfolded like an epic battle of the bands. For nearly a century politicians, doctors and private insurers have riffed on the subject, with each side hoping their proposed healthcare solutions would capture the grand prize of public approval. With the recent passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the debate continues and among the topics is how this historic legislation will impact the music community."


The Entertainment Industry's Dystopia of the Future | Electronic Frontier Foundation:
"In other words, the entertainment industry thinks consumers should voluntarily install software that constantly scans our computers and identifies (and perhaps deletes) files found to be 'infringing.' It's hard to believe the industry thinks savvy, security-conscious consumers would voluntarily do so. But those who remember the Sony BMG rootkit debacle know that the entertainment industry is all too willing to sacrifice consumers at the altar of copyright enforcement."

The Associated Press: NC prosecutor: Nelson band member charges pending:
"KENANSVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina prosecutor says he still plans to prosecute six members of guitarist and singer Willie Nelson's band on drug and alcohol charges.

Whoa, Kenny. More work done than Dolly.

Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers Reteam For Rogers' Show (PHOTOS)

What English Sounds Like to Foreigners is Todays BIG Thing in Music - NOV 03, 2009 - StumbleUpon


Green Day singer tells Bill Maher: ‘Religion is a bunch of bullsh*t’ | Raw Story

Stupid Fight � Tom Scott


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