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DBT Week in Review - 4/9/10

I'm slowly starting to do my own Tweeting, so....


Freed Friend Benefit

Click the link to view the piece and how you can become the proud owner while lending a helping hand:

Facebook | Wes Freed's Photos - Benefits:
"As you folks know, we don't normally sell original DBT art unless something really big is afoot - and sadly, it is. Bill Constable, an old high school chum and fellow musician friend of Jyl's has gotten the cancer at a time in his life when, surprise! , he didn't have medical insurance."

Brent Best

If you haven't already, do it! If you have already, do it again!

Alabama Ass Whuppin': Help Fund Brent Best's (Slobberbone) Solo Project!



Tickets are selling like hotcakes. Hotcakes I say! Grab while you can. Srsly.

Drive-By Truckers: Shows


Who's been Tweeting DBT?

Paul Shirley (NBA player). We knew Paul was a fan. Thanks, Paul!

Twitter / Paul Shirley: Sure, I'm home alone on a ...:
"Sure, I'm home alone on a Saturday night. But I did just buy the new Drive-By Truckers album, so at least I'll have aural company."

Tod Goldberg: Author

Twitter / Tod Goldberg: Listening to the Drive-By ...:
"Listening to the Drive-By Truckers and feeling like 'Santa Fe' will be on heavy rotation for, say, the next three years."

And here's where I get a bit geeky... former DNC/White House new media outreach director tweeting to one of my favorite political bloggers Atrios

Twitter / Kombiz Lavasany: @adambonin btw, in philly ...:
"@adambonin btw, in philly tomorrow night for drive by truckers show.. just emailed @atrios

Reporter for KY3 in Springfield, Missouri

Twitter / Jay Scherder: Ever heard of the Drive by ...

And finally, FINALLY, a, um, model who may or may not have appeared in Playboy. FINALLY!

Twitter / Terra Smith: #FF @CTDickinson @SamHoltM ...


Bon Iver, My Morning Jacket, Drive-By Truckers Team Up For John Prine Tribute Album:
"On the heels of an announcement of a sweet Shel Silverstein tribute, one the contributing artists is getting a compilation of his own. John Prine, known for the wry humor of 'Illegal Smile,' the thoughtful protesting 'The Great Comprimise,' and the sweetly sad 'Donald and Lydia,' will be feted by artists such as Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst, and the Drive-By Truckers. A full track list follows:"

Drive-By Truckers Happy to Be on Dave Matthews' Label - Spinner

Drive-By Truckers :: The Big To-Do - :: magazine over muziek en andere

� Drive-By Truckers Marquee Magazine – Live for Live Music!

The Big To-Do a huge success - Belleville Intelligencer - Ontario, CA

Drive-By Truckers - Webster Hall - April 1, 2010 � The House List

Live: The Drive-By Truckers Reek Of "Dude" At Webster Hall - New York Music - Sound of the City

Drive-By Truckers hoping public gets up to speed - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Loud and Proud | Music Lead | Cleveland Scene

CANOE -- JAM! Music - Artists - Drive-By Truckers: Drive-by Truckers riding high

Drive-By Truckers Cover Jim Carroll During Epic NYC Set - Spinner


Collapsing Man: The Year of the Trucker

I learned valuable insight last Thursday night at Webster Hall into why people quit their day jobs, sell their homes, buy a camper, and follow their favorite band on tour as a lifestyle.

The Drive-By Truckers played for just over two hours on April 1, 2010 in support of their new album The Big To-Do. My father and I attended the show and haven't stopped talking, emailing, or texting about what an experience it was.

Music: What's the big to-do? Drive-By Truckers steer to No. 1 (finally) | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/02/2010:

Q: You guys were ahead of the curve in establishing an online presence, building a fan base without a record label and manager. How did that come to pass?

A: It's true. We were in early. We put the band together in the 1996-98 period when the Internet was kind of taking shape and we had a site manager, Jen Bryant, who was already doing Web design for a living. So we were able to get a really good site together, all on our own, for very little money.

We started to feel the impact immediately. It would be a long time before we were drawing a crowd, but there would always be five people there, no matter where we went, who knew who we were. We weren't just shooting in the dark.


YouTube - ExploreMusic chats with Drive-By Truckers:
"ExploreMusic chats with Mike Cooley from the Drive-By Truckers on their recording process, the different sound on their new album 'The Big To-Do,' their plans for a new record, and their involvement on social media sites."

_______ - Message Board • View topic - Cooley interviewed on Oh Brother Radio:
"Check out a new interview with Cooley on the Oh Brother Radio podcast: 9686.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)"

Making A 'Big To-Do' About Life's Important Things : NPR



I was on stage with Billy Joe once... No, really:

"Billy Joe Shaver trial, 04.06.10" Austin Texas Photo Gallery |
"Actor Robert Duvall, left, stands with country singer Billy Joe Shaver during a break in Shaver's trial Thursday, April 8, 2010 in Waco Texas. Shaver, 70, is charged with shooting Billy Bryant Coker outside Papa Joe's Texas Saloon in Lorena, Texas on April 1, 2007."

Good damn people > News > A Happy Ending To The Story Of The Stolen Box Set:
"In December we posted a story from the Athens Banner-Herald that reported an apartment theft in Athens, GA. In addition to many other valuables, one of the stolen items was a Tom Petty box set."

When band guys go solo on side, it rarely works

At Home With Butch Anthony - Butch Anthony’s Art Shapes His Rural Alabama Home -
"His compound, which once belonged to his grandfather, a cotton farmer, is now home to Mr. Anthony; his father, Bishop Anthony, a retired insurance adjuster and occasional restaurateur; and sometimes Mr. Anthony’s partner, Natalie Chanin, and their 4-year-old daughter, Maggie. (She and Maggie come and go “on a part-time basis,” Ms. Chanin said, because her business — producing handmade clothes and soft goods under the Alabama Chanin label, which is sewn by local seamstresses and coveted by fashion world insiders — is run from her own home in Florence, Ala., a five-hour drive away.)"

Backwoods Design and the Art of a Doo Nanny - The New York Times > Home & Garden > Slide Show > Slide 1 of 16



Click through for the horror.

Just say NO! � Fog City Foodie


Best comment on an article award for the week.

Proposal to ban caffeine in beer opposed
I'm all for a law to keep coffee and chocolate out of my beer. They need to expand the law to include lemon and lime wedges. ”


Shannon said...

I love how you write, "Here's where I get a bit geeky", as though being geeky is an occasional thing for you.

Henry said...

You get that HSBG show?

Henry said...

That pic of you and Billy Joe Shaver. Definitely Golden Gate park

JPW said...

It is 'occasional', Shannon. I have to fit it around being 'studly'.

Hank! I sure did, man, and I appreciate it. Haven't had a chance to watch yet, but will soon. Yup, that pic was at Hardly Strictly last year. Same stage DBT played on.

Shannon said...

"Studly"?! Thanks for making me spew my wine all over my keyboard.

Jez said...

whoa, whoa, whoa. Keep coffee and chocolate of his beer? Dude must not be a fan of Russian Imperial Stouts. Go back to drinking Bud, dummy! Kind of hard to dismiss a whole style, as stouts (ahem, GUINESS) use roasted barley (which gives it that coffee, or "roasted" - I call it "burnt") flavor AND chocolate malt. Hell, I know people who even put 2 oz of chocolate malt in their pale ale (5-gallon) recipes to give it some color. So, I think as a "best comment of the week", this might be a weak nominee, in my not-so-humble opinion.

JPW said...

OK, I'm with you on the chocolate, Jez, but keep the damn citrus out of my beer! ;)

Jez said...

Yeah, okay. You can do that a lot easier. I prefer no lemons or oranges in my beer, but just know, even in the 80s in Germany, where I learned to drink beer as a kid of 14, they serve weizenbier (wheat) with a lemon, and sometimes even throw 3-4 grains of uncooked rice in there to have the bubbles show up. And that's the Vaterland for beer!