Monday, April 05, 2010

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Daily Kos: Shorter Anti-Obama Billboards: N***er!


Can they at least try to live by the principles that foam from their mouths?

ABC: Militia members receive government money | Raw Story:
"ABC News' Ryan Owens reported on Tuesday's Nightline that most of the LightFoot members he talked to during a weekend training session 'don't have a job, and most do take unemployment from the state. They argue it's insurance, not welfare.'

Owens reports that Jeff Stankewicz, the group's leader, is unemployed and formed the group a year ago, after attending a Tax Day Tea Party event."

Dangerous Dinosaurs

Vivian Norris de Montaigu: An Ode to a Disappearing Texas:
"It seems that the Conservatives are hunkering down because they are scared. The world has changed and it is unfamiliar to them and the good ole boys don't control it anymore. We have elected a progressive intelligent well educated President and there are a few people in Texas who don't get it. They are the dinosaurs.

But dinosaurs can also be dangerous. Don't let this insanity spread. Write to your representatives, school boards, schools, teachers, friends. Education will save the United States. It will help us through the financial crisis, but not if this kind of fear spreads and questioning and free thinking is stifled."


Rupert Murdoch Firm Goes on Trial for Alleged Tech Sabotage:
"Did a Rupert Murdoch company go too far and hire hackers to sabotage rivals and gain the top spot in the global pay-TV war?

This is the question a jury will be facing in a spectacular five-year-old civil lawsuit that is finally being tried this month in California but which has, oddly, received little notice from U.S. media."

Very cool. Only lasted a few months.

Pony Express ran into history 150 years ago:
"This is a day when a legend of the Old West began: The first Pony Express riders set out 150 years ago today from San Francisco and St. Joseph, Mo."

"We stopped for nothing," express rider Charles Cliff was reported to say.

Be sure to add several happy meals to your panic shelter. You never know how long you might be in there.

We eat a bunch of crap in the U.S. – Transforming a picky eater into a healthy eater.� Spoonful of Love � Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal:
"The photo above on the left is the one I took today. Because Colorado has an arid climate, over the year the moisture has been slowly pulled from the Happy Meal. The bread is crusty and if you look closely, you will see a crack across the top. The hamburger has shrunk a bit and still resembles a hockey puck. Yet, the French fries look yummy enough to eat. I never had an odor problem, after a couple of weeks, I couldn’t even smell the fries.

Now look at the photo on the right, I took it a year ago. Not much difference. The bread is plumper and the fries a tad bit perkier."

They took Tom's stash. He's a regular online read.

Chronicle outdoors writer arrested in pot case:

"(04-02) 11:57 PDT WEED, SISKIYOU COUNTY -- Chronicle outdoors writer Tom Stienstra and his wife were arrested at their Northern California home on suspicion of possession of marijuana for sale, and later released with no charges filed pending an investigation, officials said."

I keep pressing it but nothing happens.... though I did wake up covered in..... hmmm.

EM field, behind right ear, suspends morality | The Sci-Tech Heretic:
"This new finding, from MIT, should cause scientists to more closely examine the risks to human health posed by mobile phones and other wireless, personal technologies. — M.B.

MIT neuroscientists believe they have isolated the brain region — just behind the right ear — where moral judgements take place.

And they can suspend someone’s ability to judge right from wrong, simply by generating a magnetic field near the same spot where many of us hold our cellular phones and wireless, Bluetooth, headsets."

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