Friday, May 07, 2010

DBT Week in Review - 5/7/10


Help our friends in Nashville if you can:

So Nashville Is Flooded… How Can I Help? [Flood 2010] | Nashvillest


Become a follower of DBT's Twitter. All I'm saying is TwitPics plus Fillmore... and Tahoe.

Drive-By Truckers (drivebytruckers) on Twitter


Also, for those heading to the Fillmore show, here's a food and booze guide of the neighborhood:

The Fillmore Street Restaurant and Bar Guide – San Francisco � Fog City Foodie


Best comment of the week and my sentiments exactly.

Three Dimes Down • View topic - San Diego Roll Call Seis de Mayo:
"Can't concentrate on work, the circus has come to town
Can't concentrate on work, the circus has come to town
Can't concentrate on work, the circus has come to town
Can't concentrate on work, the circus has come to town
Can't concentrate on work, the circus has come to town

Let There Be ROCK!!!"

Drive-By Truckers:
"“We’ve been lucky in a lot of ways,” Cooley says, reflecting on the nearly 25 years he and Hood have played together, including the past 15 as the only constants in the Truckers’ lineup. “On every level, time really flies, especially when you get over 40 and look back. But there was just always this sense of knowing, if we could just weather whatever we had to deal with, that we had something better in us. And that it wasn’t that far off.”"

On the Record: Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood - Memphis

The Drive-By Truckers hit the road with one of their best albums yet | AudioFile | Colorado Springs Independent

Review of Drive-By Truckers new album, The Big To-Do

Drive-By Truckers / Ryan Bingham (Full Episode) | Austin City Limits | PBS Video

Blues, rock ruled during day two of Music Fest � The Commercial Appeal


Jason Isbell

Sad songs inspire Isbell - The West Australian


Music News to shut down May 31 - Yahoo! News:


Music I Like

I'm currently eat absolutely up with a band called NQ Arbuckle. They hail from the snowy country to our north... Canada for you geographically challenged Americans... which is pretty much all of you. Except you, of course. And you.

My radar first went NQ when I found a song in which they give a shout out to DBT (I posted it previously on AAW, but here it is again. I learned this one on the git-tar this week).

There's something very DBT lyrically about NQ. He does a very interesting job of incorporating the mundane into the lyrics.

And he can take a sweet tune and turn it psycho.


"I'm so crazy for you.... I'd burn your house down".

I could go on and on about them... and I will once I hit Amoeba today or tomorrow and buy a bunch of his stuff.

Here are a couple of live performances to prove they've go chops:


Wes evicted his free-loading appendix this week. Wish him well so he can get back to painting and doing this:


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