Wednesday, May 05, 2010


"Help with my luggage". "Wide Stance". Etc, etc.

Just another day in Hypocritistan.

Exposed: Christian leader caught with male escort says he needed help with his luggage | Raw Story:
"A Christian leader and prominent neuro-psychiatrist who co-founded the Family Research Council with evangelist James Dobson took a ten-day European vacation with a callboy he met through and was caught in an airport with the escort by a Miami newspaper."

What Kos says:

Daily Kos: Libertarians viewed more favorably by Democrats than Republicans:
"The notion that Republicans are libertarian is ludicrous. They stick their noses into our bedrooms, into our doctors' offices, into churches. They demand the roundup of people who don't look like them. They whine about Miranda rights and due process. They are more concerned about the rights of big energy conglomerates, than they are about the rights of people to enjoy long walks on pristine beaches. They whine about true independent and free media that doesn't validate their ideology. They freak out about anyone who doesn't believe in their god, or worse, in any god at all.

For the American Taliban, 'liberty' means their ability to impose their beliefs and lifestyle on the rest of society.

So of course they would react negatively to the word, since they equate it with libertinism. For a movement predicated on imposing its mores on the rest of society, this is obviously deeply offensive."

Larry Flynt is so awesome:

Stephen Hawking Explains How To Build A Time Machine:
"Stephen Hawking, a self-described 'physicist, cosmologist and something of a dreamer,' offers instructions on how to build a time machine in an article for the Daily Mail. 'All you need is a wormhole, the Large Hadron Collider or a rocket that goes really, really fast,' the article promises.

Hawking roots his premise in Einstein's theory of relativity, suggesting that since time moves faster in some places than others, it's quite possible to move along this 'river' into the future--but not back to the past."

Universities of Wall Street.

Catch the documentary. It is online, too:


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