Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back Off Cody

All y'all better back off Cody. He was 400 lbs when Saban got him and he played every game last year. Plus, he'll eat you if you keep poking at him like this. He's still the most athletic 360 lbs man on the planet.

Terrence Cody deemed too tubby for Ravens training camp - Shutdown Corner - NFL� - Yahoo! Sports


A thing faster than Cody.

High-Speed Laser Chips Move Data at 50 Gbps | Gadget Lab |
"A new research breakthrough from Intel combines silicon chips and lasers to transmit data at 50 gigabits per second — and someday, maybe as fast as a terabit per second.

The 50-Gbps speed is enough to download an HD movie from iTunes, or up to 100 hours of digital music, in less than a second."

Another thing faster than Cody

Zero to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds -- White Zombie electric dragster makes believers out of fossil fuel hot-rodders |
"John Wayland runs a political machine on 12 lithium polymer batteries.

It's a 1972 Datsun called 'White Zombie,' and it's one of the fastest street legal electric cars in the world. It's been clocked doing zero to 60 mph in 2.95 seconds. It's walloped Corvettes, Camaros and 600-horsepower Vipers in quarter-mile drag races using lead-acid batteries."

I'm so there:

RUSTIC, Francis's Favorites | Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Francis Ford Coppola chats about his new restaurant, Rustic, due today - Paolo Lucchesi:
"Scoop: What’s the motivation behind Rustic? It’s almost as if the menu tells a story, from film friends to travels to family.

Coppola: Simply a style of food preparation and presentation that I personally love: a more rustic style — French country cooking or Italian country cooking, homemade, where the emphasis is more on the quality of the ingredients and doing as little as possible, rather than a more ‘nouveau’ style, in which the food is in tiny, decoratively arranged portions. I am interested in authentic dishes — the kind you drive an hour out of the city to find little restaurants that make specialties that are only made there."


Lawyer: Negatives verified as Ansel Adams' work - Yahoo! News:
"EVERLY HILLS, Calif. – A trove of old glass negatives bought at a garage sale for $45 have been authenticated as the lost work of famed nature photographer Ansel Adams and are worth at least $200 million, an attorney for the owner said Tuesday."

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