Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shock Doctrine

More blood on the hands of Fox/Rush/Beck/et al.

Think Progress � Angry About Congress Passing ‘Left-Wing Agenda Items,’ 45-Year-Old Parolee Opens Fire On Cops


What Digby says always:


Therefore, his political advisers should know that when the country is still reeling from unemployment and foreclosures after nearly two years, the passage of an inadequate stimulus bill, which unrealistic benchmarks and a giddy victory party ensured would be the only chance they got, the only people who will consider that a "success" would be beltway insiders. They should have realized that a health care bill that nobody in their right minds would have designed from scratch, the worst aspects of which liberals will be asked to defend for years to come, would be met with dampened enthusiasm by those who watched the process devolve from a sense of progressive purpose to an exhausting farce. They are expected to be able to predict that financial reform without accountability for what's gone before, combined with the administration's unwillingness to confront the civil liberties abuse of the last administration -- indeed expanding on them in some cases -- would show a lack of fundamental concern for justice among those who care about such things.


"Since the Village is essentially a Republican town perhaps they assumed that liberals were all going to be the same dead-enders the Bush cultists were, defending their man until the day he was out of office (and then insisting they never liked him in the first place.) That's what 'little people' (and paid political hacks) are supposed to do. But liberals are not known for cultlike devotion to their leaders --- ask Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter."

Shock Doctrine. Rinse and Repeat.

Chris Hayes: Deficits are the new Weapons of Mass Destruction:
"Conservatives and their neoliberal allies don't really care about deficits; they care about austerity—about gutting the welfare state and redistributing wealth upward. That's the objective. Deficits are just what they can all agree on, the WMDs of this manufactured crisis."

"The LIES (WMD's, Deficits are the problem, Death Panels, Maverick), once accepted as gospel by the villagers and their uber-wealthy patrons shall no longer require second thought. Anyone with proof of the fallacy of the gospel of the villagers will be ignored. The burden of providing proof is never on the side of the people who push corporatist policies that harm everyone so the richest may profit. And once the corporatist policies utterly fail everyone who wasn't super rich already ( just like they are supposed to ) the same people who were dead wrong the first time will be right back telling you why they never saw it coming and their NEW idea is just what the doctor ordered."

Daily Kos: The Facade Is Crumbling: The Fraud and Looting Continue:
"How does one decrease the cost of labor in America? Well first, you have to bust the unions. Check. Then you have to create a pressing need for people to work – perhaps give them easy access to credit and then get them to go so deeply into debt that they will have to work until they die to pay them off. Check. It also helps if you push up the cost of living by manipulating commodity prices. Check. Then, take away people’s retirement savings. Check. Lower interest rates to make savings futile and interest income inadequate. Check. And finally, threaten to take away the 12% a year that people have been saving for retirement by labeling Social Security an 'entitlement' program – as if it wasn’t money Americans worked their whole lives to save and gave to the government in good faith. Check."

Change you can be appalled by:

Obey: White House Suggested Cutting Food Stamps to Pay for Education Program � The Washington Independent

Health Care Reform Produces Win For Abortion Foes

Halliburton 2Q profit jumps 83 percent | Raw Story


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