Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Takes a toll on Nation

There's a good metaphor for America\ in this story, I'm just too weary to dig it out. (Though, NC has no business being in the 'wine' business. That shit is horrible. Not even worthy of purple drank).

Weedkiller takes a toll on nation's oldest grape vine | McClatchy



Daily Kos: What the **** is wrong with Republicans?:
"Are republican voters stupid? They are constantly voting against their own self interest time and time again. They buy into the republican bullshit of ONLY REPUBLICANS CARE ABOUT AMERICA.


Jesus. Blocking a bill to help homeless veterans and their children?

I am a wife of a veteran. This is particuarly offensive to me. The fact that there exists ANY homeless veterans is a disgrace to this country. But since there is they should be helped but the Republicans block any effort to try and at least do something.

Fuck them."

Perpetual Motion Machine | Talking Points Memo:
"Republicans block any measures to buoy or resuscitate economy, call sputtering economy evidence of superiority of Republican policies, reap political benefit. Rinse. Restart.

(Of course, help from right-leaning Dems a critical part of the equation.)"


Our elites are populated with significant numbers of people who truly believe that the biggest problem this country faces is that poor people have it a bit too good.

It's all very depressing."

Still waiting on health care. This bastard bill that was passed does absolutely nothing to make health care more affordable, therefore more accessible. Every calculator I've used still prices me out even with the bullshit subsidies (or should I say Insurance bailout/buyoff money). And, the more money I make, the less I can afford it. What a deal.

So, super, you can't be denied insurance if you have a pre-existing condition. Can you afford that insurance, though?

The 2nd paragraph below is one of the stupidest things I've read in a while. Shorter "Can't afford it, but you'll have access to it".

Got a pre-existing condition? Now you can pay through the nose:
"Premiums will vary from state to state. In California, for example, the cost for a 50-year-old is estimated at $575 a month, with a $1,500 annual deductible and 15 percent co-insurance. Premiums in states with lower medical costs could be around $400 a month.

'That's still quite a lot of money, so there will be some folks who struggle to afford that,' said Marian Mulkey, health reform director for the California HealthCare Foundation. 'But it's going to mean a big jump in access.'"

At least one good thing our gov is attempting. This has for too long been an elitist practice. Only young'uns with rich daddies get to play internship. When I was in college I had to get JOBS.

Students Chafe Under Internship Guidelines -
"But the willingness of many young people to sacrifice pay for experience has led a number of states as well as the federal government to take a close look at the legality of hiring young people to work free. In April, the Obama administration issued a fact sheet listing six criteria aimed at preventing employers from violating the Fair Labor Standards Act with their unpaid internship programs. Among the stipulations: that the training the intern receives must be similar to training that can be obtained in an educational setting, that unpaid interns don’t displace a paid employee, and that the employer does not derive any “benefit” from the intern’s work."

Reason 1, 893,078 why we should let this hapless animal slip into history.

Panda in Chinese zoo accidentally crushes its cub



Jez said...

Man, I had it out with an old man this weekend at a get together my friend was having. Dude worked for Al Gore during the Clinton admin. Basically said he had a job (at Al's request) of reducing the number of committees from 347 (to 124. He got it down to 124). After Al took a weekend to look at it, he decided to make any changes.

This old fart also claimed that it was Obama who okayed the Horizon since he made changes to who was managing the MMS when the Horizon was "okayed". I was too hammered to bring up the fact that 8 years of deregulation didn't help.

Of course, eventually, and it always comes out, he talked about how the black folk in this country have a sense of entitlement. I told him there are also a lot of white people who are the same way, so "thank you for bringing that up, I knew it would come out eventually with this subject matter, but really, white people have the same issues, too."

It just makes me think that there will never be an end to the Haves and Have Nots because everyone is on the take. Everyone at every level feels that they are entitled to something, even if that means you wanted to start your own photography business in 1995, but then the digital camera came out and Wal-Mart set up a 24-hour photo shop in their new building in your 8,000 person town.

davyproctorboy said...

Yes. There is no way I could come close to affording their health insurance. And then I will get fined for being too poor to do it? The insurance companies must be licking their chops at their windfall. I bet they are truly amazed at the gift the Dems gave them....It's business as usual in Washington under Obama.