Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday's post was a lead in for what I had planned to post today, but Google/Blogger/Bastards deleted my post because their product sucks ass.

So, I'm phoning it in today.

Back when 'sick days' were part of my existence, sometimes, when I took one b/c I was sick of work, I'd go hang out at Stinson Beach in Marin where this video of giant bubbles was filmed.


U.S.A.! We're No..... wait. Dammit!

CBC News - Technology & Science - Cannabis electric car being made in Alberta:
"An electric car made of hemp is being developed by a company in Alberta."


Good for Barry.

Barry Cooper fights the law, wins: Odessa drops all ‘KopBusters’ charges | Raw Story


Alcohol is a hell of a drug.

Man shot in head, but notices only 5 years later:


Stupid British Hurricanes.

Alcohol is helluva....


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