Monday, August 23, 2010

Cheap Labor Republicans

Time to rough up the nutjobs and give the pussies a break for a day.

Too easy to bash Republicans, but it must be done.

Alan Grayson: True American Patriot.

Grayson slams mosque ‘distraction’: Talk about admin that ‘let’ 9/11 happen instead | Raw Story:
"“If we are going to talk about 9/11, why don’t we talk about how not so much the people who died on 9/11 were disgraced by the possibility of an Islamic athletic center several blocks away; how about the fact that they were disgraced by a president who let it happen?' he asked. 'Who went on vacation for the entire month of August after he was warned in writing that Osama bin Laden was actually finding targets in NYC and learning how to take these planes and do terrible things with them? The thing itself said ‘hijacking’ and they did nothing about it.'"

For that poor dear and brutal victim of the liberal media that made her say n*gger repeatedly on national radio, Dr. (not really) Laura:

Dr. Laura to end radio show, blames ‘Media Matters’ | Raw Story


Good read and spot on. Cheap Labor Republicans.

Defeat the Right in Three Minutes | Conceptual Guerilla:
"'Cheap labor'. That's their whole philosophy in a nutshell – which gives you a short and pithy 'catch phrase' that describes them perfectly. You've heard of 'big-government liberals'. Well they're 'cheap-labor conservatives'.

'Cheap-labor conservative' is a moniker they will never shake, and never live down. Because it's exactly what they are. You see, cheap-labor conservatives are defenders of corporate America – whose fortunes depend on labor. The larger the labor supply, the cheaper it is. The more desperately you need a job, the cheaper you'll work, and the more power those 'corporate lords' have over you. If you are a wealthy elite – or a 'wannabe' like most dittoheads – your wealth, power and privilege is enhanced by a labor pool, forced to work cheap."

Tweetie finds a nut.

Matthews: Birthers trying to ‘assassinate’ Obama with lies | Raw Story:

'Are they, no matter how much they claim to be patriotic, really the most un-American of people because they really do want to destroy this president, not because of what he does but because of who he is? Not because of where he was born, but because what his race was when he was born?'

'Or this the big lie they dare not to admit? They know full well he's an American. That they're simply out to destroy him personally. Yes, assassinate him with their lies,' Matthews concluded."

That is mighty fair and balanced.

News Corp Donates $1 MILLION To Republican Governors Association


They have to cheat at everything. Everything!

Massive Censorship Of Digg Uncovered � OOO:
"A group of influential conservative members of the behemoth social media site have just been caught red-handed in a widespread campaign of censorship, having multiple accounts, upvote padding, and deliberately trying to ban progressives. An undercover investigation has exposed this effort, which has been in action for more than one year."

Funny how reasonable the get once they get booted from the party.

Confessions of a Tea Party Casualty | Mother Jones

And, again:

Reagan insider: GOP destroyed economy Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch


Strict Constitutionalists... oh, wait...

The Washington Monthly:
"By my count, Republican leaders, including George W. Bush, endorsed six different new amendments to the Constitution over the last decade: (1) prohibiting flag burning; (2) victims' rights; (3) banning abortion; (4) requiring a balanced budget; (5) prohibiting same-sex marriage; and (6) allowing state-endorsed prayer in public schools. Jon Chait runs a similar list today, and notes a few I missed, including amendments to require legislative supermajorities to raise taxes, a 'parental rights' amendment, a term-limits amendment, and in one instance, an amendment to give Washington, D.C., a single voting representative."


Dan Maes, Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate, Warns Of U.N. Plot To Destroy America With Bike-Sharing Programs


Obama should recess, but won't.... sorry. Suppose to stick to the Repukes today. But, still....

Republicans block Bay Area judicial nominees:
"Senate Republicans have blocked confirmation votes on two Bay Area judicial nominees, Goodwin Liu and Edward Chen, and returned the nominations to President Obama, who must decide whether to resubmit them when Congress returns from recess next month."

Fucking scary. Kudos for the 100 that didn't attend.

Troops: Refusing to attend Christian concert got us into trouble | Raw Story


The horror!



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