Wednesday, August 04, 2010

False Equivalencies

Again, if you get your news from the TV, you are not being informed.

Conservatives/Fox has all of the traditional media so cowed at being called 'liberal' (meaning conducting actual journalism and letting the facts fall as they may) that they are forever pushing these bullshit false equivalencies.

There is no Rush equivalent on the left. There is no Beck equivalent on the left. There is not FAUX News equivalent on the left.

Calling Out Anderson Coopers False Left/Right Equivilency


Another case in point. Dollars to donuts, after this vapors session on those dirty, dirty bloggers, I'm sure the next story by on CNN was based upon an 'unnamed administration official'.

Turn off the TV news if you want to be informed.

It isn't 'news', its 'advertisement'.

CNN anchors attack the scourge of anonymity - Glenn Greenwald -


This response is a thing of beauty:

Sick of Republican Forwarded Viral E-Mails (UPDATE: A Response)


The Raw Story | Drinking edges up in US, with beer still favorite:
"There was also a marked difference in drinking habits by education, with college graduates topping people with a high school degree or less by 79 to 58 percent respectively.

Income also mirrored drinking levels, with 81 percent of people making 75,000 dollars per year saying they drank, followed in descending order by lower incomes until only 46 percent of those making less than 20,000 dollars said they drank.

And religion also had a bearing with people attending church regularly drinking the least -- 61 percent of Protestants, 78 percent of Catholics -- compared to 80 percent of non-religious people.

Finally, the Gallup poll found that beer was still the preferred drink of Americans (41 percent), followed by wine (32 percent) and liquor (21 percent)."

Moon over Birmingham.

Birmingham's Vulcan emerges as long-shot basketball star; guy sinks ball from atop statue (with video) |


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