Thursday, September 16, 2010

Douchebag Fight!

Grab the popcorn because we've got us a bonafide douchebag fight on our hands.

Limbaugh slams Rove for attacking O’Donnell | Raw Story

All over this anti-masturbation nitwit that just won the Republican nom in Delaware.

Read that delicious quote about blindly accepting evolution as fact. Not even a hint of the irony from the Fundie nut-job (redundant, I know).

Stupid science. Jeebus created the earth in 6 24 hour periods. Blindly accept that, bitches!

O’Donnell On Creationism: ‘Too Many People Are Blindly Accepting Evolution As Fact’


Funny how when a Rethug gets booted from the party and faces jail time how these prison conversions occur.

It just must feel really good to say something truthful after living the lie that is the Republican partay.

Greer Apologizes To Obama For GOP Racism, Recants Critique Of Socialist Indoctrination School Speech | TPMDC


What Atrios Says:

"I'm really not on board with the 'Republicans will rule one day so let's hope they're not crazy when they do' idea. First of all, Republicans... already crazy! I think the new batch of crazies are just more likely to be up front about it and less likely to be well trained in how to speak crazy in code. Second, yes Republicans might rule one day, but the existence of amateur crazy candidates makes that less likely.

As for the fact that Republican voters are crazy...well, that isn't new either. What's new is they've gotten permission from their leaders (Rush, Glenn, Sarah) to stop voting for the establishment."

I'd like to give an OA kudo here, but he's fucked up so much that he had to tap Warren. Had to. No other choice.

About the only right choice he's made for his cabinet.

White House To Tap Warren To Set Up Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


Can't keep a good corpse down.

The way the redneck mafia use to do it is they'd hollow out the stomach cavity and fill it full of chickenwire and rocks. No shit.

Dead Man Floats Up After Botched Burial At Sea | NBC Miami


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