Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Or did she? Once CAN cause the other.

Rachida Dati, French Politician, Confuses 'Inflation' With 'Fellatio' (VIDEO)


Buttholeville shows up on Huffingtonpost. I lived in the same neighborhood as the Rosenbaum house and have played in the house with grandchildren before it became a museum.

11 Great Small American Towns (PHOTOS)


FB friends were on fire yesterday. Enough so that I'm ripping them off today 'cause I'm a lazy blogger.

Via JD.

So wrong, but so reich. Heil-larious.

Hipster Hitler � T-Shirt Store


Via Jenn B. You will say "I had no idea".

Figwit | Know Your Meme


The left overs of this meal on Sunday were just as good.... though the initial meal was pretty dang outstanding.

2001 Thai Stick on Fillmore, San Francisco � Fog City Foodie


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