Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shooting Blanks

I've got absolutely nothing today.... Not quite true. I've got a load of articles that I could post and comment on, but I'm staring at them and simply can not find the drive to give a shit about the fucked up people who are running/ruining this country. This fucking country ain't Never Gonna Change and I don't think that anybody truly wants it to change... at least not the people we elect to make the change.

So, here's DBT with Kelly Hogan on vocals doing a cover of the very first song that entered my conscious as a child. I knew all the words when I was 5 years old. Freaky that they covered this tune:

Delta Dawn


Aaaaaand..... these folks know how to party. All future parties will be a let down to the 3 year old.

Beer-Soaked Brawl Ends 3-Year-Old's Birthday Party


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Lurleen McQueen said...

I like how you describe Delta Dawn. I think that may be one of the first songs to enter my conscience as well. I remember - as clear as day - standing behind a truck with a camper top with my late Uncle Stubby and he was teaching me the lyrics to the song verse by verse - we then drove down the road with me singing at the top of my lungs - I think he was explaining to me about the flower. Nice memory. Thanks JPW