Friday, October 15, 2010

DBT Week in Review - 10/15/10


Concert Review: Drive-By Truckers at Musica | C-Notes: Scene's Music Blog

Photos: Drive-By Truckers @ The Pageant |

Southern Shelter � Drive-By Truckers @ Buckhead Theatre 10/9/10

Southern Shelter � Patterson Hood @ Last Call 10/13/10

Austin Film Festival 2010 : The Secret to a Happy Ending


Wes Freed

Wes Freed stars in this tatts-ploitation horror film. Catch the premiere if you live in VA. Dig it!

Facebook | Degenerates Ink.


David Barbe and the Quick Hooks

Buy it.

David Barbe and the Quick Hooks



Love it.

Glossary: Southern Rock Riffs Done Right � Discover – Studio Performances and Interviews with New Musical Artists


Doc Daily and Magnolia Devil

This record has really grown on me. Not only can Doc sing, but the chick who harmonizes is great, too.

Buy it!

Doc Dailey Can Flat Out Sing | The Shoals Sound


The Secret Sisters

Catch the Secret Sisters explosion.

The Secret Sisters Stay Humble After 'Crazy' Success -- Exclusive Video - Spinner



For all the Athenians.

I like writing 'Athenians'.

Nu�i's Space � Benefit Night at Terrapin Brewery!:
"Oct. 22, 2010 @ 8:30 pm Admission: $20/$25 at the door. Price of admission includes live music from David Barbe & The Quick Hooks (featuring Patterson Hood!) and Kuroma, a tour of the brewery and a limited edition Nu�i’s Space 10th Anniversary pint glass from Terrapin Beer – plus drinks tickets to sample various brews! [...]"


PR stunt FAIL. One NEVER blocks a California freeway for a PR stunt. That shit will get you killed deader than dead.

Most hated band in SoCal.

Band arrested after blocking LA freeway to perform





Chris Howard said...
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Chris Howard said...

Hey JPW,
The "chick who harmonizes" with Doc is Amber Murray. I really love her voice. She also front a group called "The Bear".

Check out this video of "The Bear" our friend Corey Hannah produced.

You can also hear some of their songs on myspace:

Sorry for the double post.. Had to fix typos....

Jez said...

When you say "The Bear", that's not "OnetimeIwrestledabear", is it? I saw a video by that band. Talented. But kind of all over the place