Thursday, October 21, 2010

ShaveThat Bitch

Must watch. Liberal media my ass.

The Rachel Maddow Segment You Must Not Miss | Crooks and Liars:
"In this segment, Rachel Maddow does the following:

* Lays waste to every single mainstream media narrative about the midterm elections
* Exposes those narratives as the Republican wish lists that they are
* Reminds us all of the stakes in this election, especially when it comes to the extremists being pawned off as viable candidates.

If there were a Debunkers' Hall of Fame, Rachel Maddow's name would be all over the trophy. It's so good I'm not including the transcript. Just watch. You'll see what I mean."

No brainer. Unfortunately 'no-brains' runs this joint.

Former Surgeon General calls for legalization of marijuana | Raw Story


Shave that bitch.

White Truffles: Why They're Such an Expensive Delicacy - TIME


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