Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank you, Bobby Cox

Thank you, Bobby Cox. I shed a sports tear for you this morning. We'll always have '95 and 14 divisional title

Class act.

Bobby Cox era closes as Braves lose division series to Giants �| ajc.com


Speaking of baseball, here's another reason to hate Derek Jeter.

Daddy was a rocker and mama was a stripper. Oh, Minka. You just might be the perfect girl.

Who Is Minka Kelly, Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive?


A government holding a corporation accountable... even jailing the manager?!? Does not compute.

Company Head Arrested Over Sludge Torrent in Hungary - NYTimes.com:
"BUDAPEST — The managing director of the company whose reservoir unleashed a lethal torrent of red sludge on three villages last week has been arrested, the Hungarian prime minister announced before Parliament on Monday."

This does not make for a pretty street fight.

The people who like to be nude are usually the people who should not go nude.

Nudists and swingers at war in France's 'Naked City' - Telegraph:
"To make matters worse, the group has been accused of walking about in their clothes and mocking the 'real' nudists, the paper said."

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