Tuesday, November 09, 2010

All Apologies

Apology accepted, but there are still too many like you gumming up the works. Follow or get out of the way.

Daily Kos: I owe you an apology...

It was then that I realized that my desire for "compromise" and subsequent mocking of those I labeled "purity elements" was not only cruel and undue, but incredibly short-sighted and inaccurate.

I am a flawed person, like many who walk the Earth. However, I refuse to be a flawed person who does not admit fault and recognize the truth...and the truth is, Democrats who work to hold our party leaders to the principles and ideals that make us great should be celebrated, not mocked. These people genuinely care about improving the lives of others via equitable policies that seek to turn back the oppression that has choked the quality of life out of the working class for countless decades.

To my moderate friends at Daily Kos, I still love you. We need you as part of this party, even if we disagree from time to time. But please understand, I can no longer sit by and cheer when I see things transpire via the Democratic Party that serve to hurt the country and its people.

To my friends a little more to the left, please accept my apology for failing to seek to understand your motives better. When we as a party said we wanted change, you weren't kidding. YOU were serious...and now you seek to hold our Democratic Party leaders to that same standard. You have made me realize that it is better to struggle with angels than eat at the side of the devil.

There was a time when I didn't realize this. I will NEVER make that same mistake again.


Wherein Maher rightfully schools Jon Stewart's false equivalency.

AMERICAblog News: Bill Maher: The right and the left aren't equally crazy


Speaking of getting schooled, this cat does in the comments section. Oh boy does he get schooled in the comments.

Scientific support for creationism strong | The Crimson White



How to Identify Sarcasm (Flowchart)



Jez said...

Strong post all around except for one comment you made at the beginning where you said, "Follow or get out of the way." Yeah. So if I'm following you, how am I getting in your way?

Keep them coming!

By the way, looks like you don't have to be worried about Auburn now...

KC said...

Re: scientific support for creationism strong

Are the two concepts mutually exclusive?


JPW said...

Damn, Jez, is your degree from Auburn? :)

You are standing in my way. Either get behind me and follow or get out of my way altogether.

KC: Creationism is a philosophy which cherry picks science to back up the philosophy. Science is freakin' science, supported by research and peer review.

Can science prove some aspects of Creationism? Maybe. Depends on what it is. Can it prove 'God', the pre-determined 'fact' upon which Creationism rests? No. You can't prove a myth.