Friday, November 12, 2010

DBT Week in Review - 11/12/10


DBT WNRN session streaming at 11 am today!

WNRN | Virginia Radio


Best Rock Albums of 2010 - Top Rock Albums of 2010 - Greatest Rock Albums of 2010: "2.

Smart, tough, touching and raw, Drive-By Truckers’ The Big To-Do� is the perfect album for our Great Recession times. This Georgia sextet merge arena-rock, alt-country, and indie-rock into a heady brew for songs about strip-club encounters, bad jobs, murder and the casual heartbreaks that make up too much of everyday life."

New 'Secret' Fan page on Facebook:

Facebook | The Secret to a Happy Ending


I suggest Google translate:

Drive-By Truckers : interview op KindaMuzik


DBT Tribute Band!

RECORDING: The Dirty South: A Tribute to Drive By-Truckers - October 28, 2010 @ Rhythm & Brews | Chattanooga Live Music





Wes Freed

Facebook | Art Defining Music - Estel Gallery:
"Musicians rely upon artists to represent them visually from album covers to concert posters. Estel Gallery is pleased to feature current artwork by seven artists whose work has defined musicians, such as Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Buddy & Julie Miller, the Drive-By Truckers, Willie Nelson, Pavement, the Dave Matthews Band, the Waco Brothers, and Hillbilly Casino."


Doc Daily and Magnolia Devil

Amen to this review.

This Is American Music - Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil - The Country Matters of Doc Dailey and Magnolia�Devil

In some ways, watching the CMA’s made me extremely optimistic about the future of country music, that future just wasn’t happening on TV. No, the CMAs provided a great reminder that while “country’s biggest night” was turning into a 60-car pileup in Nashville, there was real country music being made just a few hours to the south in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. “Thank God for Doc Dailey,” I told my wife as we turned away from the televised chaos and made our way to bed. I went to sleep knowing full well that on my morning commute seven hours later, I’d be blasting Victims, Enemies, and Old Friends, relishing in country music the way it was meant to be. If ever there was a time and a need for Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil, it is now.


Centro-matic: Miguel, el quiosquero on Vimeo



This Is American Music - Home - Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires�


Speaking of which. Damn you, Cam Newton!

Friends of the Program - The 100 Offenses of Cam Newton:

Cam Newton invented Axe Body Spray.

Cam Newton thinks Steve Zahn was underused on Treme.

Cam Newton once forgot to check in on 4 square at the Auburn Moe’s.

Cam Newton caused The Dexateens to break up.



Warner Music Dives Into Its Archives -

Warehouse with Neil Young items damaged in fire



Anonymous said...

When the hell did dexateens break up

JPW said...

Not really sure, Anon, but I believe it to be true. They've broken up in the past, so....