Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Way Bang

Come on, science! Banking on you to get us off this dirtball.

Proof of extra dimensions possible next year: CERN | Raw Story:
"Scientists at the CERN research center say their 'Big Bang' project is going beyond all expectations and the first proof of the existence of dimensions beyond the known four could emerge next year."

Not sure why there's resistance to this, and yes, the private sector could roll wit it.

Scientists propose one-way trips to Mars - Yahoo! News


Hard out there for a baby anaconda.

Anaconda Babies Live Birth: Can They Survive Piranha And An Ocelot? (VIDEO)


I hate you, Ryan Reynolds.

GQ's 2010 Babe of the Year: Scarlett Johansson: Photos: GQ



Sox said...

Guy I worked with says he can't take Ryan Reynolds seriously because they were in the same grade 9 science class together. I said, "You should take him seriously, he's banging Scarlett Johansson, fool."

JPW said...

You served him up right good, Sox. Not only banging, but legally banging her.