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DBT Week in Review - 12/17/10



Kill the Body, the Head Will Die: Long Live the (new) Liner Notes - The 6149:
"The DBTs have a new album coming out on February 15th: Go-Go Boots. Once again they are breaking out the old video camera, but this time they are taking a slightly different, more personal approach. They have already posted their first video of the series. In it, Patterson Hood tells the what, why and how how they will go about creating videos for the album launch. He is not so much marketing as he is being transparent about how they want to connect with fans and tell the story of the album. I think it is brilliant and I am looking forward to it."

Patterson Hood :: 2010 Year End Round Up – Rollo & Grady: Los Angeles Music Blog

Drive-By Truckers Ready to Show Off Their 'Go-Go Boots' - The Boot

Drum Roll Please: All Songs Considered Listeners Pick The Year's Best Music : All Songs Considered Blog : NPR

Rock The Body Electric: Album Review - Drive By Truckers - The Big To-Do


Best Songs of 2010: 50 Tracks That Blew Our Hair Back This Year - Spinner:
"If the Drive-By Truckers were a barfly's usual order, they'd be a Boilermaker -- can of beer, shot of whiskey. No grenadine, no lime wedges or muddled sugar, no paper umbrellas. 'Birthday Boy' ain't destined to replace 'Happy Birthday' anytime soon -- it's written from the perspective of a jaded working girl. 'I ain't got all night,' she says. We'll make some time."

Americana Music Association :::
"The Americana Music Association announced its year end Top 100 Albums of the Year. The Top 100 albums are based on those records reported to the Americana Airplay Chart during the period of November 17, 2009 through November 15, 2010.

The Best 70 Albums of 2010 < PopMatters:
"34 - Drive-By Truckers - The Big To-Do

Character studies are fine and all, but they’re much more interesting if they rock. Case in point: “The Fourth Night of My Drinking”, funny and pretty when played on the piano, also sounds like an immense cloud of longing and dread when subjected to the Truckers’ triple-guitar attack. Their song subjects are ripped from the headlines, sure—a working stiff is worse off than his daddy, a preacher’s wife goes on trial for murdering her depraved husband, the local music scene dies. But you keep listening because the rhythm section’s a powerhouse, their chord progressions are unique, and the guitarists have a penchant for noisy squall like nobody this side of Sonic Youth. Though the second half’s got some filler, it’s in the grand tradition of filler that sounds pretty good whenever you put it on. And put it on you should, because for sheer beautiful guitar tones, nobody can touch this band. Josh Langhoff"

Brent Best/Slobberbone/Glossary


Top Albums of 2010: Caitlin Rose, Action!, KORT among the year's best releases | Cover Story | Nashville Scene:
"#9 Glossary
Feral Fire (The Rebel Group) It's always a good year when there's a new Glossary record on the stereo, and 2010 is no different. Well, except that this time they had their buddies in Lucero releasing the album — which is the rockin'-est conglomeration of Dinosaur Jr. and Thin Lizzy we've heard in ages — and spent more time on the road supporting it than they ever have before. And if that weren't hot enough, they also spiced things up with the debut of Saussary, their tour-only homemade hot sauce, and solo records from Joey and Kelly Kneiser that were chock-full of Murfreesboro's finest players and songwriters. —Sean L. Maloney"

Billy Reid

Talking music with Billy Reid | Full Frontal Fashion



The perfect 8-ball companion.

Are Juice Boxes of Jameson the Next Four Loko? | Uptown Almanac


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