Tuesday, December 07, 2010

President Huckabee

Goodbye Democratic Party...

Goodbye soul of the Progressive...

Goodbye Social Security....

Hello President Huckabee.

Because nobody is gonna campaign for you, Obama:

Daily Kos: Obama staffers speak out:
"Jeana Brown, Obama 2008 Field Organizer in Georgia:
I personally am saddened. It is clear to me that we have not seen the 'change we can believe in.' Extending the Bush tax cuts will kill volunteer recruitment and retainment.

Daniel Roche, Obama 2008 Deputy Field Organizer in Nevada -- a key swing state Obama won:
If he capitulates on this, there really is no point in voting for him in 2012. The difference between voting for a Republican and voting for someone whose default negotiation strategy is rolling over and dying whenever the Republican Party says mean things is marginal. This should be a ridiculously easy fight to win.

Matthew Donoghue, Communications Staffer for 2008 Ohio Campaign for Change
'I want the President to adhere to his campaign promise. I didn't go to Ohio eleven weeks after completing chemoradiotherapy to have him uphold the reckless Bush/GOP 'spare the wealthy' tax scheme.'"

Maybe someone will squash this bastard of a cave.... I'm not holding my breath, though:

And, regardless of history, Obama should be primaried so we'd at least have some chance at finally capturing the Presidency.

The only way that happens is if the African-American community turns on Obama. Say, one of MLK's main men:

Clarence B. Jones: Time to Think the Unthinkable: A Democratic Primary Challenge To Obama's Reelection:
"It is not easy to consider challenging the first African-American to be elected as President of the United States. But, regrettably, I believe that the time has come to do this.

It is time for Progressives to stop 'whining' and arguing among themselves about whether President Obama will or will not do this or that. Obama is no different than any other President, nominated by his national party. He was elected with the hard work and 24/7 commitment of persons who believed and enlisted in his campaign for 'Hope' and 'Change.'

You don't have to be a rocket scientist nor have a PhD in political science and sociology to see clearly that Obama has abandoned much of the base that elected him. He has done this because he no longer respects, fears or believes those persons who elected him have any alternative, but to accept what he does, whether they like it or not.

It is time for those persons who constituted the 'Movement' that enabled Senator Barack Obama to be elected to 'break their silence'; to indicate that they no longer will sit on their hands, and only let off verbal steam and ineffective sound and fury, and 'hope' for the best.

The answer is blowin' in the wind"

...Or even a commenter on a news site....

Unhappy Dems Mull Obama-GOP Tax Cut Deal | TPMDC:
"Well, as a black man, all have have to say is...let's hope Barack Obama never comes up with an 'initiative' to advance the interests of black people. By the time he's halfway through his pre-compromise phase, the question up for debate would be, 'To exactly what extent should Jim Crow be reinstated?'...LOL!"
Oh well....

President Huckabee.

We should have elected a Democrat. Too bad one wasn't running in 2008.


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