Monday, January 17, 2011


YouTube - Watch President Obama's Full Speech at Tucson Memorial

Beautiful speech. Hit all the right notes. Not many people could deliver something like this. Its content is truly what we as a nation should aspire to.

However, speeches don't cut it anymore.

Does anyone really believe the Republicans-Blue Dog Democrats have any interest at all at civility? Does anyone really believe this mass-murder by a crazy person will change anything political in this country?

If Progressives won't fight back (and as dirty as possible).... If Progressives continue to vote their fears, if Progressives will not bite the bullet and stand down in supporting all the faux Dems in office, right to the very freakin' top, if Progressives don't start punching conservative blow-hards in the mouth every time they open it, then we'll all have a bullet in our head soon enough.


Good for him. I'll send bail money.

Tucson shooting victim arrested after making threat | TPM News Pages


Pfft. Maybe they'll pass a note "Do you like me? ___Yes ___No ____Maybe.

2 senators agree to sit together for Obama address - Yahoo! News

Fucking Kabuki.


Please tell me how awesome teh health insurance bail-out bill is again?

Blue Shield of California defies state insurance commissioner over rate hikes | Money & Company | Los Angeles Times:
"Defying California’s new insurance commissioner, Blue Shield of California has refused to delay Davejones-span controversial health insurance rate hikes for 60 days that prompted an uproar among customers who are seeing successive increases over the last five months of up to 59%."


davyproctorboy said...

JPW---One of the things I think we will always disagree on (and hooray for healthy disagreeing) is what a real Democrat is. What you see as faux Democrats to me are real Democrats. That is why I am not one...

JPW said...

Outside of political party ID, what do you consider yourself to be, davy?

Neoliberal (essentially Conservative, just a tad nicer about it)
Nazi (redundant, I know)
Moderate (meaning you don't believe in anything)

davyproctorboy said...

I don't like to label myself, but for shorthand purposes I call myself progressive with a small p. I used to call myself a radical; my beliefs are pretty much the same as my "radical" days. I am registered capital G Green politically. I just tried to enter as my spoken language on my Facebook profile "progressive speak" but Facebook would not allow it. I think if there is any tribe I identify with the most at heart, it is the gay men tribe....

JPW said...

So, the Green Party, who regularly takes money from the Republican Party in order to get on state ballots, represents your values?

My point is, we have a two party system that is not going to change. Both parties are corrupted at different levels. Democrats are the ONLY party, past and present, who has advanced Progressive agenda.

I'm out to purge the Dem party of DINOs (fake Dems) and remake it as a progressive party.

Really, the only political option there is.

If the Green party ever found a soul and got organized enough around a viable, coherent, progressive message, let me know.