Friday, February 04, 2011

DBT Week in Review - 2/4/11


Get thee to Flora Springs Winery in Napa Valley on 2/12 for a Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots Album Release Party. Free swag will be given away.

Go-Go Boots Album Release Party hosted by Flora Springs Winery is hosting a Go-Go Boots Pre-Release Party, too.

The Drive-By Truckers' Pre-Release Listening Party for "GO-GO BOOTS" Album



A Lazy Guy's Music Blog: The Drive By Truckers The Cannery Ballroom Nashville TN 01-29-2011

Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots | I Listen So You Don't Have To

Drive by truckers movie | VAN MUSIC The newest and best music from Vancouver. Blogging Vancouver's live music scene

Drive-By Truckers featured in film | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL

Truckers documentary captures tension as well as music

Drive-By Truckers, 'Go-Go Boots' (ATO) |

Swampland:Pre-Review First Listen: The Drive By Truckers' Go-Go Boots

Drive-By Truckers - Marquee Mag

Features: Setting Up Shop - Flagpole Magazine: Colorbearer of Athens, GA MP3 Downloads: Free Valentine's Day Playlist

YouTube - Built for the People: The Story of TVA- PART 1


Twitter / James Robinson: Today a woman asked me, "w ...:
"Today a woman asked me, 'what is a good man?' I quoted Jeremiah. Then she asked me, 'Are you a good man?' I quoted @drivebytruckers"

Twitter / jen buxton: Going to the sticks to bog ...:
"Going to the sticks to bogart my aunt's air conditioning. Big skies, sundress, Last Pale Light in the West, Drive By Truckers."

Muscle Shoals Sound

Shawn Amos: PLAY > SKIP: This Week's New Music - The Civil Wars:
"Joy Williams and John Paul White look and sound like the White Stripes' turn-of-the century country cousins. The duo has only been together since 2008, but they sing like they share the same mama -- or lover. Songs like 'Barton Hollow' and 'Poison & Wine' (trotted out on 'Grey's Anatomy') carry forward the work started by such cult roots heroes as Gillian Welch and David Rawlings -- adding a layer of California pop sensibility, courtesy of Williams' West Coast roots. It's emotionally raw stuff dressed up in an unapologetically tight production. Still, the heart of these songs never succumbs to the studio slickness. The Civil Wars could be the new front in the battle to save modern country's soul."

11th Annual OLD 280 BOOGIE, Waverly ~ Alabama by Paula Frances Peek — Kickstarter



The White Stripes Are Done: Band Announces Breakup:

An open letter to my wife, who hates Rush : The Poop

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