Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Go Packers

Why the Packers are now my favorite pro team:

Present, former Packers say they back AFL-CIO - JSOnline:
"Present and former members of the Green Bay Packers, all members of the National Football League Players Association, have signed a letter in support of the AFL-CIO's efforts to derail Gov. Scott Walker's plan to cut some union bargaining rights."

Meee toooo.

Daily Kos: I want a Goddamned DEMOCRATIC Party:
"A party that TAXES the richest among us who can most easily afford it.

A party that OPPOSES wars we can NOT win.

A party that PROTECTS consumers and workers over corporate profit.

A party with BALLS, that stands for social and economic justice.

FUCK the bullshit. Let's not mince words, either the Democratic party stands FOR workers and consumers and their interests as citizens or they do not, and then they are just as bought and owned as the Republican Evil Empire is. At that point, Democracy ends, and corporate feudalism is complete. If both parties are pro war, pro tax cuts for the rich, pro austerity level Hoovernomics, pro torture, pro corporate and mostly or wholly owned by the banks, then there is not much choice, let alone an opportunity for true 'change'. If both parties are trying to trash FDR's 'New Deal' then there is no point."

Uhh, how about we do this in the U.S. before we try to export something that we don't currently do in our own country (See Patriot Act).

State Department to Announce Internet Freedom Policy -
"The State Department plans to finance programs like circumvention services, which enable users to evade Internet firewalls, and training for human rights workers on how to secure their e-mail from surveillance or wipe incriminating data from cellphones if they are detained by the police."

Difference between a Democratic President and a Republican President?

A Democrat feigns compassion for the people they willingly screw over.

Obama Budget Proposal: Cuts To Target Working Poor, Middle Class & Students (LIVE UPDATES)


Robert Reich: The Obama Budget: And Why the Coming Debate Over Spending Cuts Has Nothing to Do With Reviving the Economy:
"President Obama has chosen to fight fire with gasoline.

Republicans want America to believe the economy is still lousy because government is too big, and the way to revive the economy is to cut federal spending. Today (Sunday) Republican Speaker John Boehner even refused to rule out a government shut-down if Republicans don't get the spending cuts they want.

Today (Monday) Obama pours gas on the Republican flame by proposing a 2012 federal budget that cuts the federal deficit by $1.1 trillion over 10 years."

The 'shared- sacrifice' bullshit emanating from the White House... How do they keep a straight face after giving away billions of dollars in tax cuts to the Oligarchy running this country.

'We' my ass.

"Uhm, what do you mean 'we' dude? The government is not like a family figuring out how to cut back on expenses. (If it is Dad is a real deadbeat because he decided to give up half his income last December to some rich frat boys.) And this isn't really about programs President Obama 'cares about' or about how 'tough' it is for him. President Obama will not have to personally worry about these things and neither will his children, so the idea that he 'cares' is just a tiny bit abstract in this context. This is about actual human beings and their ability to survive now and build a decent future.

The main problem with all this, of course, is that he willingly signed a tax cut extension for the wealthiest people on the planet just two months ago even as they are making money hand over fist as it is, so any talk about 'shared sacrifice' rings just a little bit hollow now. If he wants to be honest about this and admit that he's catering to spoiled plutocrats and Wall Street Demi-Gods because he truly believes that he needs to sacrifice ordinary Americans on the alter of their egos, that's one thing. But blowing smoke about how this hurts him just as much as the college kid who has to drop out in a terrible labor market --- but he's willing to make the sacrifice and so should we --- well, it is too cynically cheap for words."

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